Pivot Shower Doors

Pivot Shower Doors

Space Saving Simple Design Pivot Door

Pivot shower doors are a perfect solution for a recess showering space. Pivot doors range from 700-1000mm in size and can also be made into a full enclosure with the addition of a side panel.

There's very little to go wrong with this design with the pivot itself being the only moving part. The fact that the hinge is offset also means that the door doesn't fully open out into your bathroom saving precious space.

Choose from budget models such as those from the Premier Ella range or splash out on a piece of German engineering with a Mira pivot shower door. Mira models can also be extended with optional inline panels taking the width up to 1400mm.

Grace Ella Pivoting Shower Door
Was:  151.00
Now Only 125.99
(Including VAT at 20%)
Shield VI Pivoting Shower Door
Was:  380.00
Now Only 128.99
(Including VAT at 20%)
Pacific Pivoting Shower Door
Was:  407.00
Now Only 155.20
(Including VAT at 20%)
Aquaglass Purity Pivot Shower Door
Was:  545.00
Now Only 236.00
(Including VAT at 20%)
Phoenix Elegance Pivot Door Shower Enclosure
Was:  425.00
Now Only 312.00
(Including VAT at 20%)

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