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Scudo Bathrooms Product Range Review – A First Look

Relatively new to the market with an updated website and brochure is Yorkshire’s own Scudo Bathrooms or as the manufacturer describes, ‘Scudo Beautiful Bathrooms’.

Though the brand may only be a couple of years old owner James Harrison is part of the family that brought you Harrison Bathrooms which has a solid reputation in the industry. Here we take a first look at some of the products and offer general information about the company.

First off, what does Scudo mean? Well the literal translation in Italian is ‘Shield’. How this relates to the product we don’t know but there you have it. The logo and branding of the Scudo website and brochure looks presentable, professional and trustworthy. Indeed the white, yellow and grey branding looks great, very clean.

So What Do Scudo Bathrooms Make?

At present Scudo Bathrooms offer brassware and glass products. That is they supply shower enclosures, showering equipment and taps. They don’t offer ceramics such as toilets and basins or furniture such as vanity storage though they do offer the odd piece, such as bathroom cabinets, via the extensive Harrisons brand.

March 2017 Update – In addition to the above Scudo do now indeed offer a range of bathroom pottery, vanity furniture and even shower trays.

There are a few products that initially caught our eye, products that look the part, have a good specification and in terms of price offer a good deal for the consumer. Specifically those are the wetroom screens, traditional shower kits and an uber value for money bar valve and slide rail kit.

Scudo Wetroom Screens

Value For Money i8 Wetroom Screens

As retailers that specialise in glass we were excited when we saw the wetroom panels. Scudo Bathrooms deem these to be part of the i8 range. There are 4 products but these really are all example offerings of the same range. Wetroom panels supplied in 8 sizes from 600mm up to 1200mm, 2 hinged flipper panels and also a floor to ceiling support. There’s enough flexibility within this range to configure most 2 or 3 panel systems.

The quality of the fittings on the i8 looks very good considering the kind of prices these are being floated around on the web for. The specification of 2000mm high 8mm glass with an easy clean coating is great value. In context the specification is better than that of the cheaper 8 and 10mm Aquatech Casselli range and also better value and in our opinion and more attractive than the Phoenix Techno and Hudson Reed wetroom products.

They also offer 2 separate hinged flipper panel choices, which are very popular at the moment. This means they’ll certainly carve a place in the market. Each screen also comes with a well finished chrome support bracket and a T piece is available to join more than 1 support together. This results in a T shaped support which looks very modern, like the more expensive Merlyn products on the market.

March 2017 Update – A 10mm minimalist walk in offering has also been added to the product lineup. We review this walk in product here.

Great Marketing Materials

It’s worth pointing out that when a company takes time over it’s photography and/or 3D modelling even an average product can be elevated in terms of perceived value. That’s not to say these wetroom panels are average, far from it, just that it’s nice to see a manufacturer paying attention to the details. This helps retailers (like us) to sell the products. The same can be said when consumers spend that little bit more on the details of bathroom decor, good quality accessories, nice tiling, they can elevate the look of mid market hardware and get a great looking bathroom for less.

Scudo Traditional Shower Valve Kit

Traditional Harrogate Showering Components

The second set of standout products that we’ve had first hand experience with is the Harrogate rigid riser and extended range of traditional showering components. Again they seem to offer great quality at a fantastic price point. The components are all brass made and believe us when we say that is uncommon at this hard fought low to mid level price point.

Furthermore the slide rail kits, shower valves and handsets are adorned with real white ceramic detailing, not plastic. The actual written detailing on the components is also useful for a change, simple on/off and hot/cold labels rather than high/low which can be confusing. The usability aspect has clearly been thought about.

There’s some great attention to detail with the design of all these components.

Handling them you can feel the reassuring weight and we love the bevel detail on the corner of the shower valves. Our favourite component though has to be the Apron or ‘Watering Can’ style shower head. These would give heads at twice the cost a run for their money. In use the shower head produces clean jets of water that will drench your body and the chrome finish is among the best we’ve seen.

If the entire range of Scudo Beautiful Bathrooms product is on a par with the Harrogate range then they are a manufacturer to consider for your bathroom purchases.

Scudo Shower Kit

Value For Money Bar Valve Shower Kit

The last product of noteworthy is actually one that’s been borrowed from the Harrison Bathroom range. It’s just a simple mixer shower kit comprising of shower bar valve and slide rail kit, nothing unique about that. What’s unique is again the level of quality for the price point. The bar valve is made from chromed brass and is of a thermostatic design. We wouldn’t consider retailing any valve that isn’t thermostatic these days, the safety technology is there at a reasonable price so lets use it and avoid scalds in the home.

Back to the bar valve it also comes with an easy fit kit for connecting to pipework within the walls this alone will save your fitter a lot of hassle and often retail for £10 a piece. All in all you’ll not see better on the market at the £50-60 price point.

It’s fair to to say at this first look of Scudo Bathrooms we’re impressed with the product and the company.

What’s good and reassuring if you’re considering buying any Scudo products is the Guarantee Registration they offer on their website. This is an example of not shirking consumer responsibility. Once purchased simply complete your details as well as where you purchased from.

We look forward to testing more of their products. If you’ve already purchased something we welcome your thoughts via the comment facility below.

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