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Anti Slip Shower Trays

Step into safety and style with our collection of anti-slip shower trays. Our designs are the perfect match for our stunning shower enclosures. Non-slip shower trays provide peace of mind while showering and are especially recommended for those with limited mobility, especially the elderly.

Trusted brands

Our anti-slip shower trays, manufactured by trusted bathroom brands such as Kartell, Aquaglass and Mira, serve as assistive products. The rectangular Kartell KVIT model represents serious value for money with a Class C slip rating. It's also available in 12 popular sizes. While the Mira Flight range has an option for every shower.

For complete flexibility, the Aquaglass deep tray model has a DIY anti-slip treatment, perfect if you want to create a pattern or only partially coat the shower tray to add extra grip in key areas.

Improving stability in your shower no longer means compromising on aesthetics. The fine grippy surfaces are less visible and also grip better than older trays of this type. Both young and old people will appreciate the comfortable feel underfoot.

Equal in all respects

With the exception of the textured surface, an anti-slip shower tray is equal in all other respects to standard trays. Made with premium materials, incorporating a large waste fitting and available in deep and low-profile designs for easy access

You can also add a tray riser kit as with standard trays. This will lift the installation and provide access to plumbing.

Our selection of anti-slip shower trays offers choices for various shower enclosure shapes, such as quadrant, square, pentangle, and rectangular. It should be noted that certain models may only be purchased on special order only.