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5 Major Differences Of Framed vs Frameless Shower Doors

Are you renovating a bathroom or designing the home of your dreams?

Figuring out whether you want framed vs frameless shower doors can be more confusing than it seems. It may not look like there are major differences between the two, but that couldn’t be further from the truth!

In reality, when you are unsure of which type of doors to choose, you should do your research. This is because understanding framed vs frameless shower doors is a necessary step in getting the look of your bathroom right.

Read on for five major differences between framed and frameless shower doors.

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1. Frameless Shower Doors Are an Upgrade

Bracket support in Glide Frameless shower door

Many people consider frameless shower doors to be a bathroom upgrade from framed doors. It can completely convert the look of a bathroom from drab to fab.

The fact that frameless doors are an upgrade is also indicated by the cost of changing them out. Having a frameless shower installed is not necessarily cheap.

However, if you are ready to invest some money in making your home look the best it can, a frameless shower door is one of the best moves you can make.

2. Frameless Opens Up the Room

Aquaglass sliding door with cutout glass

One of the biggest reasons that people want to install a frameless shower door is for the sleek and sophisticated look.

A frameless shower can completely change the look of a bathroom. It appears more clean, modern, and airy because there is no frame crowding the eye of the viewer.

The only reason people even have the framed vs frameless shower doors discussion is because of the cost and installation, not the look. Most everyone can agree that frameless shower doors just look better.

They are more visually appealing and can make a bathroom appear larger and more spacious. According to interior design experts, installing a frameless shower door is one of the best home upgrades that always pays off.

3. Frameless Doors Need Structural Support

One of the main differences between framed and frameless shower doors is the need for extra support.

Because a frameless shower does not have support running throughout it, it requires extra heavy duty glass and very strong attachments.

These special pivots and joints must be super strong and able to support the entire sheet of thick glass with their own weight.

Framed doors usually use aluminium frames around sheets of glass. They can be coated to create a special finish, like frosted glass or even a shiny gold finish.

The metal on a framed shower door usually wraps around not only the door itself, but also the top, bottom, and sides of the door.

There is also something called semi-frameless shower doors. This applies to enclosures that have metal on any part of the structure.

This includes the bottom or edges of the glass. If it’s not completely free of metal, it’s not considered a totally frameless shower.

4. Framed Doors Are More Watertight

Scudo i8 Sliding Shower Door

Because framed doors like the Scudo slider above use more metal throughout the structure for support, they are able to be better sealed. On the bottom of the door, seals or sweeping devices keep water from leaking anywhere it’s not supposed to be.

However, with a frameless shower, controlling the water becomes a little more difficult to manage.

With very little metal or attachments running through the glass, there is nowhere natural to attach the seals and it’s more difficult to keep the water in the shower or bath.

Of course, it’s not impossible. There are still ways to maintain a clean, dry bathroom outside your shower walls, even when you have a frameless shower installed.

5. They Both Need Upkeep and Care

When considering framed vs frameless shower doors, many people think that one or the other will require less care.

However, that’s not the case. They both require attention to upkeep since they’re both primarily composed of glass. They just need different amounts of care and in different ways.

For one, frameless shower doors actually require less upkeep. Because there is very little metal used in their construction, there is a much lower chance of rusting and decay.

Still, they do require being cleaned regularly. Many people opt to wipe them down with a squeegee every time they finish taking a shower. This is a quick and painless way to keep your frameless shower door looking clear and bright.

However, you’ll still want to wipe it down with a cleaner every now and then to keep it looking like new.

With framed showers, however, you will need to clean into the nooks and crannies. Otherwise, you will see a mould and mildew buildup in the crevices of your shower.

Between the metal and the caulking and all the different parts used in framed shower doors, there are simply more spaces for mould and mildew to grow and hide.

Sizes & styles for all spaces. Prices from just £99.99
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Need More Help With Framed vs Frameless Shower Doors?

When planning a bathroom renovation or just desiring one simple upgrade, changing up the look of your shower can be an easy way to completely make over the entire space.

When it comes to framed vs frameless shower doors, there really is no debate. People love the look of frameless shower doors and desire to include this upgrade in their home.

It may not seem like upgrading the look of your bathroom is an important thing to spend money on. But consider how much time you spend in there.

From showering to preparing for bed after a long day to getting ready and primping for a big night out, your bathroom is one place you’re guaranteed to spend a lot of time. The space around you should be beautiful and inspiring.

If you can install one simple thing like a frameless shower door to make you feel like a king or queen living in your own royal palace, who’s to say that’s not worth the money?

If you have questions regarding framed vs frameless shower doors and other bathroom design topics, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We’re here to help!

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