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15 Amazing Bathroom Mirrors Features in 2022 You Simply Must Have

Bathroom mirrors have come a long way in the last few years introducing features that help us with our busy lifestyles. The humble sheet of reflective glass is a thing of the past with manufacturers integrating all manner of bells and whistles, we take a brief look at the 15 best features of modern bathroom mirrors.


Backlit mirrors for bathrooms can add some serious style to your space. They can seriously add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your bathroom with their sleek designs. It’s a great and simple way to impress your guests without having to shell out too much cash. Also, because of the lighting, they will give the illusion that your space is bigger than it actually is. They make the smallest bathrooms look large. This is a key designing technique with mirrors in a lot of houses.

Music Playing Bathroom Mirrors

Who would have thought 10 years ago that we could be brushing our teeth and listening to music via our bathroom mirror. Well now you can, a raft of manufacturers including Nuie, Hudson Reed and Shield have introduced models with either Bluetooth connection to play via your mobile phone or with a memory card slot for playing stored music. What will they think of next?

Always Clear Demisting Surfaces

Perhaps the most useful feature going. We’ve all got out of the bath or shower only to find that the mirror has misted over with steam or condensation. Even wiping doesn’t alleviate the problem. So unless you’ve always got a squeegee at the ready the solution is to choose a mirror with built-in demister pads. These are low energy and keep the surface of the mirror slightly warm so that condensation doesn’t have a chance to form on the glass. The mirror is then always ready for use even in the steamiest of environments. Demister pads can also be retrofitted to some mirrors, these are available on the likes of eBay. Having an LED mirror with anti-fog settings is the way to go. Some come with other features like being able to play music from them, but anti-fog is the best feature.

Convenient LED Lighting & no shadows!

Modern Bathroom Mirrors with LED Lighting Backlit mirrors or those with downlights have been around a while. They still have their place but the bulbs are prone to blowing in a moist environment and they’re also relatively expensive and costly to run. The modern-day solution to that is to use LED lighting. LED bulbs can last for 20,000 hours of use, they’re cheap, allow for lots of creativity in design and have low energy consumption. Lighting fixtures in your bathroom can often leave shadows on your face, which makes it hard to shave or put makeup on in the morning. A backlit mirror illuminates your entire face with clear, and even light. The LED lighting is available with cool colour temperatures. This cool temperature will fit with your complexion and you pure, flawless widespread glow. Better lighting means you can do a lot more like getting ready for your workday or ridding yourself of a blemish.

Motion Sensing On/Off Functionality

Inevitably using the bathroom is often done in a rush or with wet hands. The last thing you want to be doing with wet hands is touching an electrical switch. Bathroom mirrors with built-in motion sensors detect you as you enter the room and switch on lighting in an instant. Perfect in the middle of the night. Mirrors that incorporate this function tend to have a visible small round sensor mounted on the front of the mirror casing some have controls so you can adjust the sensitivity. Many manufacturers now offer motion sensors as a spare as they were prone to failing in the first wave of products that hit the market a few years ago.

Touchless also means smudgeless!

You avoided the steam. Let’s avoid the smudges too. There’s nothing like having to constantly wipe the smudges off your mirror in the morning just to get a solid view. LED bathroom mirrors offer a touchless sensor. Forget pull strings or switches. And forget the smudges. With a wave of your hand, you’ll have clear, dependable, light to jumpstart your routine. The safe and easy to use Infrared Sensor Switch enables the user to activate the lighting with a simple movement of the hand under the sensor, no need for an unsightly pull cord or finger marks on the mirror.

Handy Time & Temperature Display

We’re always in a hurry in the morning to get out of the house and get to work or school so keeping track of the time is a must. Incorporating a clock and temperature into a digital display seems like an obvious step but this has only been a reality recently in the UK. There are now a few models on the market that include this feature so you need never be late again.

Always Groomed With The Built-in Shaver Socket

Manufacturers always push the shaver socket connection yet they forget to say that it can be used with any 2 pin electrical device. So plugin your toothbrush or shaver, leave it on charge ready for use a great feature that benefits a lot of people. Larger mirrors and cabinets often have 2 built-in.

Relax With Soft Mood Lighting

As discussed above LED lighting has given lots of flexibility on lighting design within a mirror. There are a few models around including the Ultra Spectrum and Premier Orpheus that allow you to change the colour of the light being emitted or that will cycle through different lighting to give a calming relaxing effect. If you think it might help to relax you then why not give it a try.

Wow The Neighbours With Infinity Effect Lighting

Lucio Infinity Mirror This is one of the more interesting features on the market. Not really sure of the benefits of an infinity mirror other than impressing the neighbours or getting the kids to brush their teeth for a little bit longer but it’s certainly an intriguing effect. The effect when switched on gives the impression of an infinite hole in the wall

A Shape and Size For Your Space

The plethora of shapes and sizes of bathroom mirrors on the market is mind-boggling. Improved manufacturing techniques and cheap labour in Asian countries mean even the largest of mirrors can be yours for relatively little. Whether your preference is round, oval, square or rectangular there is a suitable option available.

Magnifying Glass Makes Makeup Application A Breeze

Hudson Reed Lara Magnifying Bathroom Mirror Hudson Reed has introduced a couple of bathroom mirrors that include a magnifying glass. The round Oracle and rectangular Lara, for example, includes a circular region of inset glass within the main mirror face that magnifies your face. This proves great for close shaves, makeup application and hair removal.

Can Be Used By Everyone

LED mirrors can be used by anyone in your home. For example, it’s great for women who apply makeup before they go to work. It’s great for men who shave before work, and it’s great for the kids who can use the light to get ready for school in the morning. If you have one with anti-fog capabilities you and your loved ones can get your morning showers and not have to worry about being late because you couldn’t get the mirror to clear up enough to put on your makeup. You don’t have to worry about not applying your makeup or not shaving because you didn’t have time. They really speed up the morning process a lot more and make getting ready more efficient.

Stay on Time

A great option for those of us who never have enough time in the morning, or always seem to be running late, is an embedded LED clock. Perfect for keeping things moving, the clear LED display is displayed withing the surface of the mirror. You won’t be twisting your neck on a swivel to keep an eye on the clock while applying your finishing touches. Look at that. You’re almost ready to go.

Get Going

With an LED mirror you’ll be prepping in style, clarity, and ease every morning. You won’t just get there on time. You’ll be relaxed and beautiful when you get there. Ready to find the perfect mirror for you? We can help you find something just right. We offer a great variety of LED mirror options that will look great and put the finishing touches on your bathroom or home spa. Don’t wait. Come find the perfect LED mirror for your bathroom today.

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