Merlyn Vivid 6 quadrant shower enclosure in green bathroom

The Best Shower Enclosures Features To Look Out For

With so many shower enclosures on the market, it’s difficult to choose the one that’s right for your bathroom space. Competition for your custom is particularly stiff around the £250-£350  price bracket Jan 2024). There are hundreds of models to choose from. Which are the best shower enclosures on the market?

We thought we’d write a quick guide on the features to look out for regardless of price. These are the features and benefits that you should consider to make an informed purchase. So in no particular order here are our top 10 best shower enclosures features to keep an eye out for.

8mm Glass Shower Door Profile

Thickness Of Glass

Above all features manufacturers always try to sell shower enclosures based on the thickness of the glass. Be it cheap contract 4mm, standard fair 6mm or designer enclosure 8 and 10mm. It’s like the processor speed of a computer or the BHP of a car.

Does it really matter?

Well, there’s certainly something to be said for the robustness of the space with thicker glass. Showering in an 8mm unit feels more cut off from the world than in a 4mm product. It’s a little like comparing closing the door on a premium car to that of a cheap runaround. It just feels better.

Generally, the thicker the glass the deeper your pockets will need to be.

You also need to bear in mind delivery and fitting costs when dealing with heavy 10mm models. It’s a 2 man job. If you’re purchasing to install into a family bathroom then we’d say go for at least a 6mm offering, this will be safe, and robust and the choice is plentiful.

Perhaps more important is that the glass is to British Safety Standards. This will shatter upon heavy impact in a safe fashion. The laminated glass will form cubic shapes and be kept in a single sheet rather than forming dangerous shards and covering the floor.

If buying from a showroom lookout for markings like the European Standard EN 12150 for flat glass or for curved glass lookout for toughened/safety or possibly European Standard EN14428. Online check the specifications for a mention of the above safety standard rating.

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Be wary of cheap 8 and 10mm models. Remember thicker glass also requires upgraded associated parts, stronger profiles, and rollers that can take an increased weight. This comes at a cost so unless you’re buying something in a sale keep clear of anything below £200 unless it’s a single wetroom screen.

Showerlux Glass Shield Example

No Need To Clean with Easy Clean Glass Coatings

While we’re on the subject of glass it’s worth mentioning easy clean coatings. Under a microscope glass has a rough surface with peaks and troughs, this allows water droplets, dirt, and limescale to stick to the surface. An easy clean glass treatment essentially fills the voids and allows water to run off more easily.

Manufacturers have umpteen names for it but essentially they all serve the same purpose, Merlyn calls it Mershield, Hudson Reed calls it Shower Shield while Aquaglass calls it Aquashield, you get the picture.

This feature used to be only found on more expensive models but this can now be found on budget enclosures such as the Shield S6 or Aquaglass Purity ranges. So if you want to save yourself time cleaning then choose a model with this feature.

sliding door with cutout glass

Cut & Shaped Glass Detailing

A recent introduction is that of cut and shaped glass. Rounded profiles or cut-outs whereby rollers can sit on top of the actual glass edge. This looks stunning and also reduces the need for some mechanical parts improving product longevity.

Take a look at the sliding door and fixed panel on this Aquaglass product. The likes of Aquadart and Aquaglass have also used cut-out glass to replace the need for a handle, genius!

Mirrored Glass Shower Screen

Have it Your Way with the Finish of Glass

You wouldn’t think that there would be that many things you could do with glass but another current trend in the market is to offer different finishes. This is particularly true of enclosure spaces made up of wetroom screens.

For example, April offers some of its Identiti2 models in smoked glass. Aquaglass also has frosted modesty glass and tinted designer glass offerings on the market at prices the big brands can’t match.

The latest trend is fluted glass. A throwback to 70’s office spaces where it was used in dividing walls and glass offices. Fluted or ribbed glass if you prefer is bumpy to the touch and refracts the light offering a small degree of privacy when trying to look through it.

Black profiled walk in shower

Choice of Wall Profile Finish

It was bound to happen. First came the options for glass finish and now some enclosures are available with brushed brass, gun metal or black profiles and hardware.

Back in the day white and gold profiles were all the rage. For the last few years, those have made way for chrome. White just looked too cheap while the gold finish would eventually come off owing to some enthusiastic cleaning rituals.

New coating technology has meant the various finishes available are longer-lasting. You can buy in confidence.

Branded or Unbranded Products?

Branded or unbranded. Every time we would go for a branded shower enclosure. You need to know that products that include metal and glass have come from a reputable source that will adhere to any local or national guidelines.

Buying a cheap unbranded unit from eBay might save a few pounds upfront but do you know where it was made, what factory, and what’s the provenance of the product? Will it come with instructions and will you be able to source spare seals or rollers?

With a branded enclosure the answer will almost certainly be yes.

Consider reputable brands such as Aquadart, Merlyn, Shield, Kartell, Hudson Reed, and Nuie. Or at the very least consider brands that are owned by a stable manufacturer such as Frontline’s own AquaGlass brand.

Ultra Apex Easy Fit Profile Detail

Reduce Hassle with Easy-Fit Shower Enclosures

A relatively new development is the introduction of easy-fit shower enclosures. Manufacturers such as Roxor, owners of the Hudson Reed, Ultra, and Nuie brands, have listened to the market and understand that not everyone is going to employ the services of a plumber or builder to fit an enclosure. Many home DIYers want to have a go themselves.

Easy fit models make it easier for a single fitter to accomplish the task that is generally meant for 2.

Choose models such as the Hudson Reed Apex if you value easy fitting. The Apex, or Matrix range as previously called, has profiles with T-Shaped connectors that securely slot together without the need for screws. The fit was snug on the example we looked at and formed a perfectly robust showering space.

As well as the Apex range Roxor has now adopted and filtered down this fitting ingenuity to their cheaper Pacific and Ella ranges.

Cushion Stops On Shower Door

Quiet Please – Cushion or Piston Soft Closing Buffers

In a busy family environment, anything that can potentially reduce noise or prevent slamming is a real plus point. On better-specified enclosures, like the Shield S8, manufacturers have fitted cushion stops to their sliding door models.

These can be a simple metal stop with rubber cushioning while better models incorporate a sprung and dampened piston. If the door is flung open with a little too much force these buffers will help bring the door to a halt. Perhaps a little more quietly and gentler than if they weren’t fitted.

Quick Release Easy Clean Shower Door Rollers

Quality Quick Release Shower Door Rollers

On all but the very cheapest of shower enclosures with sliding doors, you should be looking out for metal-bodied rollers. They incorporate sealed stainless steel bearings rather than being plastic-constructed. The result is the door glides smoothly and quietly rather than juddering along. Furthermore, they will last much longer.

The spring-clip mechanism built into rollers on many shower doors also allows the door to be clipped off to allow for easy cleaning of the enclosure space.

Even on the best shower enclosures, this will be one of the parts that you may have to renew after extended use so get the best you can in the first place. Also, ask the retailer if spares are available or covered under warranty.

It’s worth pointing out that fitting the rollers to the shower doors, top and bottom is one of the most fiddly aspects of constructing the enclosure space. Your fitter will thank you if the rollers are already pre-fitted to the door or if they are at least of a decent quality.

Cheaper spring clip examples have been known to explode when taking them out of the box!

Don’t Cut Corners on Door Furniture

If you have a limited budget we would always advise ensuring your money is going on the aspects of the enclosure that impact safety or durability. For instance, make sure the glass is up to European Standards. Beyond this, if budget allows lookout for good quality door furniture, handles, trims, magnetic closure, and seals.

The cheapest enclosures tend to come with plastic D-shaped handles. This is all very well if it’s a means of getting down the base price to be more affordable but if you can spend the extra few pounds then do so. Chrome on brass handles are the way to go and at the high end, these often have a square box-like design. Usually, a knob-like handle is also fitted internally so that you can open it from the inside after showering.

Zero Frustration with Good Quality Instructions

Good quality instructions might not get the juices flowing but if you’ve ever tried to fit a piece of flat-pack furniture with a poor set you’ll certainly appreciate them. Some cheap units we’ve seen on eBay come with barely legible wording and only the poorest of exploded parts diagrams.

If you want instruction heaven do yourself or your plumber a favour and make life easier with models from Shield or Aquaglass. These companies have paid for a technical author and illustrator to produce IKEA standard instructions. Good instructions will reduce the time it takes for a plumber or builder to fit the product. You’ll also have a checklist of parts that should be present and potentially save you a few pounds on the installation cost.

Avoid the Non-Existent After Sales Service

Buying that cheap and cheerful enclosure from eBay for £100 delivered might seem like a good idea. But what do you really expect from that?

Bearing in mind the retailer will be turning a profit and then the price will be split between eBay’s slice, delivery costs, packaging and the actual cost of the product which doesn’t leave a lot to factor into after-sales service.

After-sales service isn’t free, a retailer has to factor this into the running costs of a business so the old adage of you only get what you pay for is true.  Do you really think you can spend £100 on eBay on some no-name enclosure and then go back to that retailer in a year’s time when the rollers have broken, best of luck! That’s not to say there aren’t good retailers or products on eBay. We just implore you not to go too cheap and cheerful.

Best Shower Enclosures Features

We hope we’ve given you some food for thought and maybe mentioned 1 or 2 things that aren’t so obvious on the feature list. It’s not just the features that marketing people push at you that are important, look beyond the obvious.

If you let us know the best shower enclosure features that you’re on the lookout for in order to make a buying decision then we’ll expand our list, happy shopping.

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Jan 2024 Update

This blog piece was always written with the intention of giving people food for thought in terms of the things they to consider prior to purchasing a shower enclosure. The idea was that you’d bear in mind all of the above and match the requirements of your own home. Despite that, we’ve had numerous private messages asking us which we think is the best.

With years of experience with these products, we’ve put a list below of the 3 ranges that we feel currently offer the best features and value for money in the budget, mid and premium price ranges. If something usurps these ranges or they’re no longer available we’ll change the info.

So drum roll…

The Best Budget Shower Enclosure Range

Shield S6 Black sliding shower door

Our budget recommendation is now the Shield S6 range. This is a fine range with options for all bathroom shapes and sizes. With 6mm glass, an easy clean coating and a choice of chrome, brushed brass or black profiles this is our new budget king.

Look at the chrome staple quadrants, sliding, pivot and bifold models, modern black sliding, pivot and bifold doors and opulent brushed brass sliding and quadrant models. Prices start at just £159.99.

A few of the above models are occasionally available in our clearance section.

Mid Priced Maestro’s

Ultra Apex mid range shower enclosure

At the mid-range, there is a wealth of quality options. Bang for the buck we’d go with the Hudson Reed Apex range from Roxor Group. There are quadrants, offset quadrants, sliding and hinged door options. All have an excellent no-quibble guarantee and the design makes them relatively easy to install.

Money No Object

If money is no object then consider the Aquadart or Aquaglass brands.

The Aquaglass range has more variation and will be a little more affordable to most. We especially love the sliding door with cutout glass detailing. The tinted quadrant, frameless 10mm quadrant and frosted walk-in are also seriously worthy of consideration if you have the budget.

It’s worth mentioning that Aquadart models are delivered directly from the manufacturer within 3-7 working days. Not many retailers will stock them in great numbers due to the expense. The Aquaglass range, however, is usually available within 1-2 working days. This is because the distributor Frontline is responsible for the brand.

9 thoughts on “The Best Shower Enclosures Features To Look Out For”

  1. In general I like your post though I would like to add a few points which you may find helpful / interesting.

    Shower door glass showing the BSI logo, kite mark with 6206 is rare now as it has been superseded , by EN 12150 as this is the European standard.

    Both 6206 and 12150 refer to flat glass and as such can only be placed on flat glass. Curved glass will either just show toughened/safety or possibly EN14428 (14428 being the overall European standard for shower doors that reputable companies will design to as it sets out a standard for the curved glass testing, shower door, impact, water, motion, corrosion etc requirements.

    Though laminated glass is allowable within the manufacture of a shower door, when you talk of glass breaking safely into cuboids that refers to toughened glass.

    Whether the glass is 4mm or 16mm they all have defined safe break tests for the glass and all must withstand the same impact test regardless of glass thickness within EN14428.

    A lot of the cost build up comes from surfaces quality, for instance the glass standards allow for some small chips in the glass often present in the cheaper models but not in the better, chrome plating is a cost feature with the quality being measured in NSS (Neutral Salt Spray) hours (accelerated ageing test), low cost products may have a plating level as low as 12-24hrs where as the better manufacturers will be specifying somewhere between 96-200hrs NSS, anodic film thickness on the aluminium is another cost increase area, some may have 1-2 Micron thickness where as the better end will be at 5 micron on a full polish, bearings on wheels as well as being stainless steel should also be sealed as they are quieter and last longer as dirt does not penetrate them all these elements have a significant impact on product cost though visually almost none.

    Anyway, just my thoughts.



    Most sliding shower doors are stopped on the wheel, the bigger and heavier the door, the greater the inertia at impact, the stops are normally in four groups, dead stops (no cushioning) rebound (a dead stop with a soft plastic coating) compressive (where there is a dampening effect) and finally and relatively rarely soft closure.

    It is worth finding out whether the spring inside the bottom wheel assembly is made from stainless steel or plain coated steel as this has quite a marked difference on life expectancy.

    1. Thank you very much Chris for taking the time to write such detailed comments in respect of our post. We will endeavor to update the blog piece and take advantage of your points particularly on the glass aspect which we found most useful and interesting.

  2. Have to say, the detail regarding EN standards in Chris’ post is great. We had a 10mm x 1400mm shower panel in our walk-in en-suite shower, from a very reputable manufacturer and it spontaneously exploded at 11pm one evening. Luckily I hadn’t actually entered the bathroom and no-one was in the shower, but I heard a slight “chink” and then a massive explosion as hundreds of glass cubes shot through the door inches from my face and into the bedroom. The manufacturer is replacing it, but what a mess. The shower tray was slightly chipped but nothing else, damage-wise. Are there laminated panels available, like a car windscreen ?

    1. Hi Royston,
      Thank you for your comment. Surprisingly this is not as uncommon as you think and it can and does happen with products even from reputable manufacturers as you say. The shattering into lots of cube like pieces is exactly what’s meant to happen though, better this than being left with long dangerous and sharp shards. Nonetheless we can appreciate it’s a shock and glad no one was in the bathroom at the time. In answer to your question some manufacturers do have a film that covers the glass. Ultra do on their Pacific range. We’ve had images sent from customers where glass has shattered but remained intact because of the surface film. We’ve heard of a number of reasons why the glass can shatter. Fitters often blame manufacturers and manufacturers often blame incorrect fitting. The truth is likely somewhere in the middle and related to the tension that the glass is put under especially from pre-bonded profiles. Temperature and movement in older homes also has a part to play though.

      1. Thanks Dean. It happened on Saturday night. I emailed my supplier (Surrey Bathrooms in Guildford) at 11pm and got an answer back Sunday morning! This was a Kudos Ultimate product and they will be replacing it within 2 days so top marks for their service – no quibbles at all. Surrey Bathrooms are fitting it FOC too on Wednesday, that’s what I call 5 star customer service. This was a single sheet of glass – I’ve looked into the causes and you are right, it isn’t uncommon. One tech guy said it was minerals in the glass when it’s made, crystallising at a different rate when it is tempered. As such there is high tension inside the glass when it is cooled and the inclusions can trigger the “blow”. at any time, irrespective of temperatures and other environmental factors and this can happen at around the 2 year post-install point and statistically, between 10pm and 2am!! Bizarre.
        I think the EN standard should insist on the film you mention! Sounds like a brilliant way to stop glass flying everywhere.

        1. Hats off to Kudos and your retailer, can’t fault them Royston and glad you’ll be getting a replacement. That also supports some of the points we made in our blog piece about using reputable retailers and buying a known brand. In your case there was a route to getting the situation resolved.

          Also really great technical info about the crystallising rate when tempered.

          We’ve had around 4 customers come to us with similar experiences over a 5 year period and all of those have reported that they went to bed at night and found screens shattered in the morning. This supports the 10pm – 2am theory!

          Just remembered I have a friend who works at Pilkington Glass, I’ll be sure to quiz him on the subject.

  3. We have an Off Set Double Door Quadrant Shower Lux Cubicle which is over 10 years old.

    Do you supply a replacement?

    If so what is this cost?

  4. Hello Dean,

    Following the guidance in your article, we really like the 8mm Hudson Reed Apex EasyFit Hinged Shower door and side panel for a new shower.

    A slight concern is Hudson Reed gets 2/5 stars on Trustpilot reviews. Most comments are about poor customer service and after sales support.

    Does their 2/5 rating reflect your recent experience with Hudson Reed particularly with their no-quibble guarantee?

    I’ve also seen comments about water leaking under the door. Is this a common complaint about the Hudson Reed Apex EasyFit Hinged Shower door?

    Thank you!

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