3 screen setup of brushed brass shower screens

10 Brushed Brass Bathroom Ideas You’ll Love

A glut of brushed brass bathroom products has hit the market this year. This blog takes a look at what’s available and why you might want to consider this versatile finish.

White, chrome and black finished bathroom products have been a staple in the industry for years. More recently gold and rose gold have made comebacks with brands like Jaquar perfecting the look and feel.

Now it’s the turn of brass or more specifically brushed brass with its premium look. The slightly darker, less yellow finish is equally at home in a modern environment as it is in a traditional space.

Shower Enclosures and Doors

A selection of shower hardware in a brushed brass bathroom
Hudson Reed brushed brass shower screen in a single panel setup

A few brands have introduced handsome brushed brass examples.
This Hudson Reed model can be configured in a 1-3 panel set-up with premium 1950mm high glass. The profiles are slim and minimalist and when matched with a shower from the same brand look amazing and create a luxurious finish.

You can achieve a very similar look with these Nuie brushed brass wetroom screens. The specification differs somewhat but the only noticeable difference is the height of the screens. These are 1850mm high, 100mm shorter than the Hudson Reed equivalents. That saves you around £30 per screen!

If you’re happy to go for a less well-known brand then consider the Kartell Ottone. These panels are cheaper still yet match the specification and in some respects improve on that of the Hudson Reed and Nuie products.

Nuie ribbed glass shower screen with brushed brass profile

If you’re after a little privacy then consider this new ribbed glass shower screen from Nuie or the cheaper Shield S8 equivalent. It’s the same model as above with the addition of retro-looking fluted glass.

A window frame style shower screen with brushed brass finish
Aquaglass brushed brass window frame shower

The Aquaglass Velar uses the finish a little more liberally with its window-style frame design. This creates an attractive and robust wetroom screen.

Shield S8 brushed brass sliding shower door

Shield has also added a brushed brass sliding shower door to their lineup that features this all-important on-trend finish. It’s also at an unbelievable price point.

Shower Systems

Whether you’re looking for an all-in-one rigid riser or separate components there is a brushed brass shower to suit your bathroom.

A traditional wall mounted shower kit with lush brushed brass finish
Hudson Reed wall mounted thermostatic shower valve

The wall-mounted shower kit above incorporates some splendid period detailing. The white valve labels, handset and valve arm details contrast brilliantly with the brushed brass.

Users of this brushed brass exposed shower will particularly love how the shower arm projects the apron style showerhead well away from the wall for a roomy, relaxing shower.

This is more of a traditional style shower but there are options for those wanting contemporary products.

A modern shower kit with a warm brass coating
Aquaglass Comet contemporary style brushed brass shower

There’s nothing quaint about the Aquaglass Comet. This all-in-one rigid riser has square-profiled components with a lush brushed brass finish.

If you want up-to-date looks with a warmer finish than chrome or black then this could be a great option at a price that’s hard to ignore.


In the industry, taps are often called brassware. That’s not because of the finish but because of the material, they’re made from. Brass is corrosion-resistant, durable and will not crack making it perfect for use in constructing taps.

Most brass made taps are then chrome plated. Some are given a gold or black finish and now we have a modern take on brass.

Hudson Reed Topaz in brass with crosshead tap detailing
Hudson Reed Topaz Brushed Brass Mono Basin Mixer

Examples like the Topaz will perfectly match traditional bathrooms creating a Victorian feel. The hexagon collars and white label details are exquisite. Plus there’s a simple to operate pop-up waste mechanism. The brush detail of the brass is also clearly evident and matches the traditional wall mounted shower above.

Nuie Arvan brushed brass mono basin mixer

There’s something for everyone though so if you’re not a fan of traditional bathroom spaces how about considering the Nuie Arvan. This uses brushed brass in a much more modern style basin tap. The colour hue adds warmth to the white porcelain and works well with the contemporary blue tiling.

You’ll also note the brass detailing of the overflow and basin waste.


You’re going to need heat in that new brushed brass bathroom so don’t forget to plan space for a radiator.

Aquaglass Mineral towel rail in brushed brass

The Aquaglass Mineral is a fine example of a well-made radiator. The joint work and square edges are top-notch. It also packs a punch with almost a 900BTU output on what is a 500x1200mm radiator. The all-important brushed brass finish is also perfectly executed.

Finishing touches

No bathroom is complete without those finishing touches. We’re talking wire storage, pop-up basin and bath wastes, radiator valves and of course bathroom mirrors.

Hydrus Brushed Brass LED Mirror

In keeping with the theme, you can opt for a brushed brass LED mirror like the Hydrus model above. The bevelled edge perfectly matches the PDV brushed brass coating of the Hudson Reed shower screens above.

A simple touch to the front face is all that’s required to illuminate your face.

View the full range of brushed brass showers and bathroom hardware here.

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