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Considering a Folding Shower Seat in Your Shower? Checkout these 7 Great Options

You don’t think of your bathroom as a dangerous place, but the truth is that it can be a hazardous environment for you and your family. You can easily avoid slips and falls in the shower with a folding shower seat that will stabilize you and give you a place to rest whilst showering.

These seats are particularly helpful for people with limited mobility, the elderly or persons with minor disabilities. Many homeowners are installing these when they replace their baths for walk-in showers. A perfect combination.

When you think of traditional folding type shower chairs you may think of large NHS style chunky seats that get in the way and are frightfully unattractive. That’s not the case with most of these seven shower seat designs which incorporate non-slip surfaces for added safety.

These seats will bring your shower experience to the next level while keeping your family safe and still feeling confident while showering. You may also want to combine with the odd strategically placed grab bar.

So What Makes a Good Wall Mounted Shower Seat?

Good support – Needs to be able to accommodate people of all weights and sizes.

Folding design – Needs to be able to fold up and out of the way so other people in your household whom don’t need to use it can also shower. The 7 products below are all wall mounted shower seat designs.

Attractive design – Why should mobility or accessibility equipment be unattractive? Especially in the home this type of shower hardware should be functional but have some design flair. Being elderly, disabled or having limited mobility doesn’t mean that you are blind to what’s beautiful on the market.

Offer value – Many mobility specific retailers still charge above manufacturers RRP for this type of product. While general bathroom retailers tend to offer these products at a discount. Compare the prices below between models and if in doubt shop about.

Before You Buy Any Folding Shower Seat

It’s imperative that you understand that these products must be wall-mounted to a load-bearing wall. That is a wall that is generally of brick construction. A partition or stud wall will not have the strength to support any person even if the design incorporates legs. This will potentially be dangerous to the user.

Also if fitting to decorative shower panels consult the manufacturer’s documentation regarding waterproofing advice in terms of fixing holes.

Many of the seats below do include fittings but you should check that they cater specifically for your wall construction. We recommend a suitably experienced fitter installs your shower seat.

1. Phoenix Heavy Duty White Fold Up Shower Seat with Leg Supports – Great for supporting heavier persons

Phoenix folding white shower seat with legsMaterial: Clean, white hygienic plastic, stainless steel support legs with non-slip feet

Dimensions: 345 mm projection x 500 mm wide

Features: Perfect for the elderly or a larger person, folds up when not in use, slatted water drain design

Weight capacity: 150 kg / 23.6 Stone

Price: £60.00 (Feb 2019)

This Phoenix Heavy Weight fold up shower seat is built with sturdiness in mind. It’s an upgraded version of the standard design that now has the addition of stainless steel legs for extra support. This seat is great for the larger person who needs a little extra help with support in the shower.

The seat itself is made of clean, white hygienic plastic that can hold up to 150 kg, that’s about 23 Stone to you and I. The surface is durable and won’t chip or rust. The stainless steel legs are also rust-resistant and extremely strong so you can have a comfortable and safe experience every time you shower.

One of the few folding shower seats with legs on the market.

2. Hudson Reed Folding Wooden Shower Seat – A beautiful design made with premium materials

Hudson Reed Mahogany Shower SeatMaterial: Attractive mahogany wood, strong chrome hinges

Dimensions: 345 mm projection x 500 mm wide

Features: Folds up out of the way, comes with 20-year guarantee

Weight capacity: 120 kg / 18.8 Stone

Price: £157.50 (Mar 2017)

Shower seats don’t get much more luxurious than this deep mahogany wooden folding shower seat from Hudson Reed. This shower seat is constructed out of durable mahogany wood with polished chrome hinges that make for an upmarket and modern look.

The Hudson Reed shower seat will complement any shower space but more importantly, it’s very strong and will hold up to 120 kg. It’s created with safety and comfort in mind, and if something were to go wrong with the mechanism or materials it comes with a 20-year guarantee. The best part is, when you’re done using it, this seat folds up to the wall so it’s conveniently out of your way.

3. Folding Wooden Shower Seat – Hudson Reeds original shower seat still going strong

Hudson Reed Teak Folding Shower SeatMaterial: Dark mahogany wood, chrome on brass hinges

Dimensions: 345 mm projection x 500 mm wide

Features: Seat folds upwards to create more room when it’s not needed, teak seating area,  stable construction

Weight capacity: 95 kg / 14.9 Stone

Price: £157.50 (Feb 2019)

This folding shower seat is constructed out of durable and water-resistant mahogany wood that has been treated. The chrome hinges and teak finish give it a sense of warmth and luxury.

This shower seat will bring a modern twist to any bathroom design and is far cry from the clinical looking models. It looks sleek and is well constructed to be sturdy and safe. The seat can hold up to 15 stone in weight. This model too comes with a manufacturer’s 20-year guarantee.

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4. Phoenix White Fold Up Shower Seat – Cheapest of the bunch that does the job well

Phoenix White Plastic Shower SeatMaterial: Hygienic, white plastic

Dimensions: 300 mm projection x 400 mm wide

Features: fold-up design, slatted non-slip design

Weight capacity: 140 kg / 22 Stone

Price: £40.00 (Feb 2018)

If you’re looking for a sturdy, yet affordable shower seat option, look no further. This Phoenix white fold-up shower seat is constructed with hygienic white plastic that is easy to clean. It fixes to the wall in your shower enclosure with strong brackets and durable hinges that are constructed with the latest in safety technology.

The Phoenix is created with a slatted design that allows water to drain away from your body and prevent skin from becoming sore. The slats also provide a non-slip surface for added safety. This seat is the perfect transition from a bath to a shower and a good budget option for most.

5. Mira White Shower Seat – A well-made product from a household name

Mira Premium Folding Shower SeatMaterial: Hygienic, easy-to-clean plastic

Dimensions: 337 mm projection x 350 mm wide

Features: Fold-up design, 55 mm projection when against the wall, easy to detach when not required

Weight allowance: 150 kg / 23.6kg

Price: £135.99 (Feb 2019)

Showers are supposed to be a moment of relaxation, so have a seat and let your cares go down the drain with the Mira white folding shower seat. Its slatted surface means it’s safe to use and distributes your weight evenly on the entire seat. This seat is constructed out of hygienic, easy-to-clean plastic. The contrasting chrome hinge and Mira branding logo give this design an air of quality.

It’s designed to fold up so you can put it out of the way when you’re not using it – it can also be completely detached, perhaps you only need it when granny is visiting.

The Mira shower seat is sturdy and can support weights up to 150 kg or almost 24 Stone, making it a versatile and beautiful way to have a more comfortable and safe shower experience.

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6. Phoenix Ambulant Deluxe Fold Away Shower Seat – A step up the design ladder from the budget Phoenix offering

Phoenix Ambulant Deluxe shower seat in white and chromeMaterial: Clean, white plastic

Dimensions: 337 mm projection x 350 mm wide

Features: Fold-up design, wall-mounted, perfect for elderly, disabled or larger people

Weight allowance: 120 kg / 18.8 Stone

Price: £64.50 (Feb 2019)

This shower seat takes on a minimalist look while remaining functional. If any of the shower seats on this list combine beautiful design with functionality, it’s this Phoenix Ambulant Deluxe folding shower seat. This shower seat is relatively affordable, and won’t break the bank.

It’s made out of a clean, white plastic that is built to last you for years to come. With its fold up wall mounting design and ability to support up to 120 kg this seat is the perfect mid-range option for adding comfort and safety to your shower without sacrificing style.

7. Urban Square Black Fold Up Shower Seat – Perhaps the most modern-looking on test

Urban shower seat in chrome and dark grey plasticMaterial: Hygienic, durable plastic & high-polished chrome brackets

Dimensions: 330 mm projection x 340 mm wide

Features: Wall mounted, smooth folding motion, easy-to-clean black plastic seat surface

Weight allowance: 150 kg / 23.6 Stone

Price: £134.99 (Feb 2019)

If you’re looking for a shower seat that stands out from the rest and will turn your shower enclosure into a bathroom designed for royalty, then this Urban Square black folding shower seat is the best option for you. It’s a little on the pricier end but with its sleek contoured dark seat, it can easily transform your shower enclosure.

This seat is constructed from durable plastic that has a grippy surface and high polished chrome brackets to give it that modern, luxurious feel. There’s no doubt that this beautiful shower seat will look great in almost every type of walk-in shower and keep those that need to use it comfortably. This doesn’t look like a shower seat created out of necessity.

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Shower Seat Summary

If you’re looking for a shower seat for elderly or persons with limited mobility that can shower themselves then the products above will do a great job. All are strong and durable, the price generally differs because of the materials used in the construction as well as the brand name attached to it.

The cheapest model, the Phoenix wall mounted shower seat is a great functional budget option. For those wanting a more well known branded option then the Mira or either of the Hudson Reed products will do a great job.

If you have a contemporary shower space then for us it has to be the Urban shower seat with it’s contoured dark grey/black seat. This is as far as you can get from something clinical and unattractive. For heavier persons then it has to be the Phoenix model with leg supports.

For products of a more clinical nature that incorporate belts or a harness then you may wish to consult and test the products of a dedicated mobility company.

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  1. Hi, I’m looking for a fold up foot rest, to dry my feet, would you recommend Phoenix white fold up style, or any thing else available, not for sitting on. Also i haven’t a big bathroom. are they availablein New Zealand. Thanks. Os Harrington.

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