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How To Clean A Shower Head

When was the last time you cleaned your shower head or handset? It might surprise you to learn that few people here in the UK bother to clean this piece of equipment. When you clean your bathroom, you likely focus on the bath, sink and toilet. If you don’t bother to clean your shower head, though, you could be making a massive mistake. There are many advantages to cleaning the head of your shower.

Firstly, when you have a clean shower head, you will notice a massive difference to the showering experience. Over time the nozzles on the head clog up with dirt and grime. It might not be nice to think about, but it is the truth. That means that you lose both power and water flow when you use it.

Everyone knows that the best type of shower is a powerful, fast shower, it provides for an invigorating shower experience. If you fail to clean your shower head on a regular basis, though, you will find that the flow of water is weak. That is the last thing you want, and so you need to make an effort to avoid it.

Another reason you should clean your shower head is for your personal hygiene. As we already said, bacteria can collect in the water ducts. You could also find that there is a mineral deposit that forms here as well. You have to remember that you stand under this thing so that you can clean yourself. If the water comes through an unclean duct, it will not be hygienic.

You should address this issue as soon as you notice a build-up. That way, your shower will always be safe to use. Sometimes, you may find that the best thing to do is get a new shower head. If the build-up is thick, it might be easiest to replace this part of your shower, rather than attempting to clean it. Let’s take a look at a few simple ways of how to clean a shower head at home.

The Dismantling Method

Probably the most efficient way of cleaning your shower head, this method allows you to get right inside the head and clean it well. All you will need for this process is a hard toothbrush and a cleaning solution. You can use most non abrasive bathroom cleaners for this project.

First, you need to disconnect the shower head from the main pipe. Often, modern fixtures will screw loose, which means that this part of the job will be straightforward. If the fitting is quite tight, you may need to use an adjustable wrench. Wrap a cloth around the connection so you don’t damage it. Once you have the head in your hand, you need to rinse it. You should run cool water through the base of the head.

Next, slather on the cleaning solution. You should be as generous as possible here. Use the toothbrush to clean the head of the shower and remove the gunk from any seals and all the nooks and crevices. You will need to scrub the water ducts so that they are as clean as they can be, this will improve the flow. this is an easier process if the nozzles are the rubber removable type.

Finally, you will need to rinse the shower head thoroughly. You should use the same method you used at the start of this job. Make sure the water runs clear before you re-attach the shower head to the main pipe.

The Heated Vinegar Method

For this method, you need to dismantle the shower had in the same way you would for the first method. When you have the head, you will use a heated vinegar solution to clean it. You should use distilled white vinegar and heat it over a hot stove in a large sauce pan. The vinegar should be warm but not boiling.

Next, put the entire shower head in the solution. You should make sure that the head is under the solution so that it all gets the same treatment. The head needs to float in the vinegar, rather than touching the base of the saucepan. Leave your shower head to clean for a few minutes or so and then rinse thoroughly.

The Cold Vinegar Method

If you’re not confident heating the vinegar, you might want to use the cold vinegar method. You will need some distilled white vinegar, a plastic bag (sandwich bags work well) and a rubber band. Again, dismantle the shower head before you start.

Pour the vinegar into the bag and place the shower head in the bag as well. You should use the rubber band to tie the bag up so that no vinegar can leak out of it. Leave the head in the bag for around 10 minutes and then rinse it well. Perhaps put the bag in a basin or kitchen sink in case of spills while it’s working it’s magic.

General Cleaning & Maintenance Tips

When you don’t have time to clean your shower head completely, you can do a few things that will help. You can use vinegar to dab the head between washes. This continual system will help you to keep your head clean. You should also scrub the head of your shower with a sponge after you use it. Simple! If you follow this advice, your shower should always be clean and hygienic.

At some point your shower handset will be beyond cleaning so you may wish to consider purchasing a new one. Many on the market now include alternative spray patterns or incorporate LED lighting you can check some of those shower head products here.

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