Hudson Reed Black Framed Shower Screen

9 Stunning On-Trend Black Frame Shower Screens

Black frame shower screens are on-trend right now especially crittall shower enclosures with their individual glass panels.

No longer are these models out of reach in terms of price to the average household. Now you can create a stunning contemporary or art-deco style bathroom with prices starting from as little as £159.99.

Let’s take a brief look at some of the best black frame shower screens available including models from Aquaglass, Hudson Reed, Aquadart and Kartell that combine quality with affordability.

There’s a mix of industrial black frame shower doors with powder-coated black frames and clear glass as well as walk-in black shower screens with the all-important crittall panels. Some models also incorporate black tinted or even frosted glass!

Here’s our roundup of the models worthy of your consideration.

#1 – Kartell Krittall Black Shower Screen

First up we have the Kartell Krittall shower screens. These are available in sizes from 700-1200mm which will suit many of our tiny UK bathrooms. You can arrange in a 1, 2 or 3-panel installation with the optional 300mm hinged return panel.

Kartell Krittall Black Frame Shower Screen

This black framed model can’t be ignored simply because of the blend of quality and affordability that it offers. Tall 8mm glass with gorgeous crittall styling for under £185 a screen – what’s not to like!

If you’d prefer a similar model from a more well-known brand then check out this product from Hudson Reed.

#2 – Aquaglass Sphere Black Framed Quadrant Enclosure

Sometimes a shower enclosure comes along that just blows you away. This is one such product.

We’ve always been fans of the frameless Sphere styling but the black frame industrial-looking Sphere model had us drooling.

Aquaglass Sphere Frameless Black Profiled Quadrant

Everything about it, from the black oversized rollers, black aluminium, frameless design to the eyelet handles with black surround. It lifts your bathroom to another level.

The unit is available in 2 sizes, 900mm and a roomy 1200x900mm. Both incorporate thick 8mm glass and stand at 2000mm tall. Stunning.

#3 – Shield Black Shower Doors

The Shield S6 range has seen the introduction of black framed doors being added to their portfolio.

These might not be as unique as some black enclosures on the market but the reality is that many people just want something attractive and functional to replace what they already have.

The Shield S6 range includes sliding, bifold, pivot and quadrant showers all finished in matt black.

#4 – Aquaglass Mono Black Frosted Shower Screen

No list of black framed showers would be complete without the Aquaglass Mono frosted glass model.

This walk-in shower incorporates stunning black profiles and black glass that’s also been frosted. If privacy in a larger bathroom is the order of the day then this will be perfect. The glass is completely opaque, so you can’t see through it.

Aquaglass Mono Black Frosted Glass Walk-In Shower

This panel is only available as a 1200mm screen but you can add an additional bracing bar should you want to install as a freestanding shower with no adjoining wall profile.

#5 – Aquglass Onyx Black Shower Door

Next up is another model from leading shower designers Aquaglass. This is the Onyx Black Frame Shower Door suitable for installation into a corner.

Aquaglass Onyx Black Frame Shower Door

The design is similar to that of the Sphere albeit in the guise of a silky smooth sliding shower door.

The chunky matt black industrial look of the side and top profile is simply superb, elegantly hiding the sliding mechanism. This shower will complement any minimalist or monochrome-style bathroom.

The Onyx is a desirable and high-quality shower door that will elevate any bathroom. Door sizes are available from 1200-1700mm and side panels from 760-900mm.

#6 – April Identiti Matrix Black Framed Shower

This is the second crittall style screen from the manufacturer April. Albeit to differentiate in the market they call it ‘Matrix Black Grid’, but it’s the same thing.

April Identiti black frame shower screen from above

We think that the grid pattern is a little more subtle than that of the Kartell model and likewise so are the joining profiles between the black framed screen and the optional flipper panel. This makes for a more refined look.

This refinement and the brand come at a cost. The April Identiti screens cost on average £100 more than the budget Kartell.

One further subtle difference is the bracing bar. On the Kartell and Hudson Reed models, there is an L-shaped bar. The April incorporates a simpler horizontal design. To us, this makes the installation a fraction more stable but perhaps more importantly for some it lowers the height of the overall installation from 2250mm to 2000mm.

If you want the backing of a big brand then April is a fabulous option. Sizes range from 900-1200mm in a glass thickness of 8mm. You can build a 1-3 screen walk in shower by purchasing an optional flipper or side panel – a side panel is basically just another shower panel.

Find out here about this black grid shower screen.

#7 – Jaquar Black Frame Wetroom Shower Screen

If it’s a touch of luxury you’re after then look no further than this contemporary screen from premium brand Jaquar.

Unlike many of the cheaper crittal style screens on sale, the Jaquar frame is constructed with metal throughout and individual pieces of glass.

The design features a horizontal, rectangular grid design available in sizes from 900 to 1200mm.

As you’d expect from Jaquar the construction and attention to detail is top-notch. If you’re looking for a crittal shower screen and want the best, here it is.

Find out here about the Jaquar black frame wetroom screen.

#8 – Jaquar Black Frame Infold Shower Door

If you’re looking for a more traditional shower door rather than a wetroom screen then this infold shower door from Jaquar should make your list.

The inswing design is already a rarity when it comes to shower doors. To find one specified with black profiles is unheard of until now.

If you’re not familiar with inswing shower doors, these are appreciated because much of the door actually opens into the shower space. Perfect if you have a small bathroom.

This premium design is finished in matt black with long slim matching handles that exude quality. The seals also have a black finish.

If the design is an important consideration for your shower space then the Jaquar Inswing should be on your list.

#9 – Nuie Satin Black Fluted Glass Shower Screen

This is really something, especially if you’re after a shower screen that offers a degree of privacy.

Lap up those retro looks with these beautifully designed screens from Nuie. Fluted shower screens are relatively new to the market but fluted or ribbed glass itself has been around for decades.

Interior designers love it because it can add texture to an environment, it can be used to separate spaces while still allowing diffused light to pass through.

It’s perfect in a bathroom if you want to incorporate a degree of privacy or separation from the rest of the bathroom. The unique design of the Nuie with its gorgeous black satin profiles is available for as little as £294.99 per screen.

View the range of fluted glass shower screens.

Black Bath Screens

It’s also worth mentioning that as well as full-height screens similar black frame styling is available on a range of black bath screens. These are perfect if you don’t want the upheaval of taking out a bath and replacing it with a full walk-in shower.

Wrapping things up

We hope these black frame shower screens have given you some inspiration for your bathroom. You don’t need to spend a fortune to create a truly unique space, remember to check out the clearance sections available on many bathroom websites. Choose your preferred style then consider the type of shower tray you might want to partner with.

View our full range of black frame shower enclosures.


How do you clean a black shower frame?

The answer is the same as you would any other shower frame. Firstly it is important not to use abrasive cleaners such as Cif Cream Cleaner. Instead, spray on an undiluted white vinegar solution. This will break down mineral buildup and any residue from the aluminium. Remove the excess with a soft sponge. Once dry you can finish off with a light buff of car wax applied to a soft cloth. Yes car wax, this will restore the shine beautifully and prevent water spots from appearing.

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