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Shower Cubicles for Sale: Our Top 5 Styles For 2019

You’ve decided to update your bathroom with a new shower cubicle.

Maybe you realise that you’ve taken 365 showers in the last year and getting rid of the bath will create some much-needed room. Perhaps your shower cubicle is showing its age. Then again, you may just want to create something that expresses your own style.

Whatever your reason, it’s a perfect excuse to replace or clean that questionable old showerhead. Plus, bathroom renovations can add value to your home.

When you start looking at the shower cubicles for sale, you discover something surprising. There are a lot of shower cubicles for sale in just about every shape and style you can imagine.

There are cubicles that fit in corners or against walls. Some are square and others are curved. Some work in any bathroom, while others only work in wet rooms.

While no one can tell you exactly what you like, we can tell you about our top 5 styles. Let’s take a closer look.

5 Up-To-Date Shower Cubicles for Sale

1. Merlyn Vivid Boost Corner Entry

Merlyn Boost Corner Shower Door

The Merlyn Vivid Boost Corner Entry cubicle is a no-nonsense model for homes with minimal space. Made to fit in a corner, it comes in both an 800mm and 900mm version. Either version will accommodate those cramped bathrooms.

The corner entry is the unsung hero of this model. It offers a much wider entry point that comparable side-entry models. It also makes it ideal for narrow bathrooms where side entry is impractical.

The cubicle is made with sturdy, 6mm glass to ensure it can withstand daily abuse. The doors seal with magnetic closure, which helps prevent water leaking while you shower.

While it’s not a style showpiece, you can expect to get years of faithful service from this straightforward shower cubicle. A recent upgrade means that this unit also incorporates the companies own Mershield Easy Clean Glass.

2. Identiti2 U Shaped Quadrant

April Indentiti U Shaped Shower Cubicle

Some shower cubicles are designed to fit in a corner and take up the least space possible. The Identiti2 U Shaped Quadrant is not one of them.

At 1040 mm by 915mm, the Identiti2 has a substantial footprint that requires a more spacious environment. It also stands flat against a single wall, which creates design opportunities in terms of where you position it.

The u-shape also give this model a smoother, more organic feel that should work well with almost any decorating sensibility.

A hidden benefit of the u-shape design is that it limits the number of hard to clean corners where mildew and mold are most likely to start their lives.

While one of the pricier models on the list, the Identiti2 uses 6mm glass and comes with a tray specifically designed to work with this enclosure. Taken all together, you get a stylish shower cubicle at a reasonable price.

3. Premier Ella Offset Quadrant

Ella Ofsett Quadrant Shower Enclosure

The Premier Ella Offset Quadrant is a hidden treasure if you’re on a budget. It combines the convenience of a corner entry cubicle with a softer, curved design.

It also features sliding glass doors, rather than hinged doors. A particularly convenient feature in bathrooms with limited space.

The Premier Ella does have a generous footprint. It’s available in either a 1200mm by 800mm or 1200mm by 900mm model. Fortunately, that 1200mm is length, so it can still be installed in narrower bathrooms.

While it’s come with thinner, 5mm glass, the Premier Ella will still be tough enough for any normal use. The silver satin finish will complement any bathroom decor.

At a fraction of the price of high-end models, this shower cubicle is a steal for anyone looking to upgrade without going broke.

4. HSK Atelier Pentangle

HSK Pentangle Shower Cubicle

The HSK Atelier Pentangle enclosure is a high-end model for a high-end home. Its dimensions are so precise that you can’t even install it in homes with walls that are more than a little out of true.

Pairing the five-sided design with minimalist-inspired hinges and handles, the HSK offers a sleek, contemporary feel to any bathroom. It fits into a corner, or you could install two, small freestanding walls to position it anywhere in the bathroom.

Its 8mm glass should more than stand up to any regular use without any problems.

The space-restricted homeowner will want the smaller, 900mm version. If space isn’t limited, or you want a bit more room to move around, the 1000mm design is the way to go.

The HSK Atelier isn’t just a place to get clean. It’s something you’ll want to show off to your friends.

5. Pacific Bow

Bow corner quadrant enclosure

The Pacific Bow is one of the most space-conserving options on our list. With an 860mm by 860mm footprint, you can install this model in just about any bathroom worth the name.

The Pacific Bow comes with a dedicated tray to ensure you get a quality seal. The single-entry sliding door means this model can be installed without needing to worry that the door will hit anything else in the room.

Drawing visual inspiration from the bow it’s named after, the curved glass offers this little shower cubicle an air of elegance. The 6mm glass provides durable strength to last.

The design is also simple enough that you won’t need to repaint or re-tile the entire room. Unless you want to, of course.

In essence, the Pacific Bow is an excellent combination of efficiency and style. Its small footprint and moderate price make it a fantastic choice if you’re looking to make a change.

Installing a new shower cubicle opens up space and adds value to your home. It also gives you an opportunity to fix any lingering problems in that part of your bathroom. You can shore up the floor or fix any drain problems.

Of course, it’s important to be aware that many of the shower cubicles for sale require shower trays. Just as you’ll have many choices when you research the shower cubicles for sale, you’ll also have numerous choices about tray styles and materials. If you’d like to learn more, we’ve explored those tray options.

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