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Shower Wall Panels: 7 Considerations You Need to Know

Your bathroom is your sanctuary and your shower wall panels are an integral part of the experience. With so many options, it can be tough to choose which one will set the right tone for your space.

Shower wall panels were originally designed simply to secure showerheads to the wall and hide clunky plumbing fixtures. Their purpose is no longer to just hide unseemly features — they now function on a much higher level.

Showerwall fitted all on one wall

They’re a great alternative to waterproof tiling and are easier to clean. They also cover larger spaces like a full wall or that of a walk in shower in next to no time. You can choose shower panels that look great and still function well.

Choosing what the inside of your shower will look like when you’re fixing up your home can be a bind with so many choices and differences in pricing.

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There Are Many Elements To Consider


The average cost of upgrading a bathroom ranges from £70 to £10,000. That’s a very big difference!


Refitting your bathroom is not something you want to do very often, either from a time or financial perspective.


If you don’t invest in the right materials and installation for everyday use, you’ll be unhappy every time you walk into your bathroom.


Looks matter, especially when it comes to your bathroom. Everything must be thought out in detail.

Considering that it’s a room that you access every day and your friends and family will be using it as well, there’s a lot of pressure to make the right choice.

Here are 7 considerations when it comes to choosing shower panels.

1. Shower Panels Made To Last

The durability, design, and resistance to moisture that so many panels can deliver these days are something to marvel at.

Choosing quality shower wall panels ensures that they will be easy to clean and keep the plaster beneath from becoming wet.

The shower panels you choose should be made of quality material in order to ensure that they will continue to protect your bathroom from mould or discolouration.

The KVIT brand makes some of the most pocket friendly and best shower panels that you can count on.

Premium ranges from Showerwall are made from a high pressure laminated, moisture resistant MDF at their core. There are cheaper options that you can discover more about in our complete guide to bathroom wall panels.

2. Showerwall Infinity Panelling

Whispering Grass shower wall panels in green

Two-panel kits ensure that you can have the best fit for your shower wall panels to work properly.

The Showerwall Infinity Waterproof Panelling System is one that focuses on being a great fit for any bathroom.

You can fit a perfectly waterproof system into any corner using the range of joining profiles and Showerwall Sureseal system.

This uses join strips and end caps on the horizontal profiles. The better the fit, the better your waterproof shower panels will function in terms of waterproofing.

They come in a variety of finishes to suit your needs and preferences.

3. Budget Friendly Styles

Just because you don’t have a large budget to work with doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality and style.

Aquaglass tongue and groove PVC shower panels consist of extruded PVC, which is as durable as it is inexpensive.

They can be installed directly over tile, making installation very simple and cost-effective.

What’s more, is that you can choose from 5 different decorative finishes when you order these shower wall panels.

You also have the option of upgrading your experience by purchasing trims and accessories with high-quality finishes.

4. Focal Wall

One trend that is really starting to take off is having one focal wall with a different colour, material, texture.

This can add depth to your bathroom overall and give it a contemporary feel. If you’re a fan of the classic “pop of colour,” this is a great option.

Wetwall shower wall panels offer an extensive collection offering a wide array of colours.

You can create a funky vibe with a blue or black swirl, giving your shower a bold and exciting dressing. It may even want to hit the town when donned in such excitement.

Alternately, you can choose lime green or Fuschia gloss, which are very stylish and modern choices for bathrooms of all types.

5. High Gloss Shower Panels

These can have the same look and feel as back painted glass, but cost less. The materials are far less expensive.

It gives you the same modern, high-end look, but in the end, you’re less likely to break it or the bank when re-doing your bathroom.

They can also be used in any custom sized shower. With many other bathroom wall panels, if they’re not exactly the right size, you may think you have to resort to tile.

With high gloss acrylic, you don’t have to. It’s high quality without the hefty price tag and its ability to be cut to size more easily than many other materials that are available on the market.

6. Shower Wall Panels That Look Like Tile

If you like the look and feel of tile in your shower, but don’t want the maintenance or fitting costs, there are many shower panels you can get that emulate the look and feel.

If you’re over the grout, but not the look, choose shower panels that look like tile.

You can have the subway look that’s all the rage or that imitates other tile patterns that you like. Just because you’re opting out of tile doesn’t mean you can’t take the design benefits and leave the rest behind.

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7. Having Fun With Colors And Patterns

No one ever said showering had to be boring. You can even combine dark and light colours.

Especially if you’re designing a kid’s bathroom, they’ll appreciate the whimsy. You don’t have to choose basic, solid shower panels to be sensible.

If you’re worried about the tacky factor, consider that you can choose simplicity elsewhere in the design. The shower wall can be the excitement instead of relying on the rest of the bathroom to deliver it.

Whether you’re installing your own wet wall panels or having someone do it for you, it’s worth doing the research.

Peruse our shower wall panels to get some inspiration for your next bathroom update!

One thought on “Shower Wall Panels: 7 Considerations You Need to Know”

  1. Having fitted my first panel in the on-suite years ago, I have never looked back.
    They add such a clean crisp look, are so easy to clean and maintain and if you pick the right colours, can really become a centerpiece.
    In the family bathroom, we have something far more stylish and boutique. I was able to custom fit into an awkward space and really make the bathroom look good.
    Ok, a full size sheet can be large and far heavier than a single tile so you need to think about your handling differently, but once past that, a single sheet will be fitted in minutes, not days!

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