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Showers for Sale: 7 Enclosures You’ll Love

One of the best ways to add value to your home is by upgrading the bathroom, and one of the simplest ways to do so is by purchasing new showers for sale.

A bathroom update is a nearly surefire investment, often returning more than 100% of the cost. But you have to put in the effort.

“You can’t just sit back and wait for your house to make you enough money to move on,” Phil Spencer, host of Channel 4’s Location, Location, Location, told The Telegraph. “You are going to have to take active steps to create that extra value for yourself.”

It doesn’t need to be complicated. Just focus on what fixtures you can add to the room. Among the worthwhile improvements that can be made to a bathroom, Spencer declares, is replacing your shower curtain with a glass enclosure.

What are the benefits of showers for sale with glass enclosures?

Better lighting

If you use a shower curtain, there’s a chance that not enough light will enter the bathroom. This is especially true if there’s a window behind the shower. With a glass enclosure, the sun shines through, and you may not have to use a bulb to light your bathroom during the day. Here are some more enclosure tips from the experts.

Adds style and value

Enclosures can add a sense of luxury to your bathroom. The see-through glass allows you to show off any fancy looking fixtures, such as the shower mixer and shower head. It also exposes the back wall, making your bathroom appear more spacious.

Easy maintenance

Shower curtains require frequent washing and scrubbing, or else mold and mildew can build up. Not so much with glass. All that’s needed is a squeegee, cloth and cleaning spray to keep it nice and shiny. Still here are some additional maintenance tips to keep your cubicle tip top.

What are the best showers for sale on the market?

There are a number of different types of shower enclosures available. Each range in functionality and price. Lucky for you, we’ve done the research and come up with some of the best. You should also consider the various features that are available.

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Here are seven glass-enclosed showers for sale that you’ll love.

1. Phoenix Motion Frameless Quadrant Shower Enclosures

Phoenix Motion frameless quadrant shower enclosure

Quadrant shower enclosures are perhaps the most popular style for family bathrooms. The name refers to the shape of the unit, a square or rectangular design with one rounded corner. Quadrants and offset quadrants are always corner-fitted.

The Phoenix Motion Frameless Quadrant Shower Enclosures has two sliding doors for maximum space efficiency. The doors roll quietly and effortlessly along the attractive chrome support bar. The door also closes magnetically for a watertight seal while showering.

The semi-frameless shower unit is durable as well, sporting thick 8mm glass.

2. Pacific Wetroom Screens

Premier Pacific wetroom shower screens

Walk-in shower enclosures offer beauty and accessibility. There are no moving parts, so nothing can go wrong. Many designs include a drying area, so water doesn’t need to make its way outside.

Pacific Wetroom Screens offer minimalist designs for minimalist prices. Made with 8mm safety glass, these panels are tough. Can be set up with one, two or three screens above a shower tray or in a wetroom. In terms of the internal walling they look particularly good with shower wall panels installed.

3. Grace Ella Pivoting Shower Door

Ella pivot shower door from just 660mm wide

Pivot shower doors are great for showers in a recessed space. They can also be made into an enclosure with the addition of a side panel.

The pivot is the only moving part, and the offset hinge ensures the door won’t fully open into the bathroom, saving precious space.

From only 700mm wide, with a 40mm adjustment range, the Grace Ella pivoting shower door is among the smallest on the market. This adjustment means you can have a shower door at only 660mm wide. Not the biggest of spaces to get washed in but perfect for an occasional shower where otherwise one wouldn’t fit. larger sizes are available though.

It’s also good value, with 5mm safety glass.

4. Aquaglass+ Glide Sliding Shower Door

Aquaglass sliding door with cutout glass

Sliding shower doors are ideal for saving space. One glass panel is mounted on rollers and slides behind another fixed panel, meaning no protrusion. Some models offer twin sliding doors.

One of the most beautiful designs on the market is the Aquaglass+ Glide sliding shower door. The fixed panel has a rounded rectangle cutout that the top roller, attached to the moving panel, glides along. A second roller, located on the opposite corner near the floor, allows the weight of the door to be evenly distributed for effortless sliding.

This door is also durable, with 8mm safety glass.

5. Merlyn Vivid Boost Corner Entry Shower Enclosure

Merlyn Boost Corner Shower Door

A corner-entry enclosure fits into a corner location while offering a sharp, square-shaped design. Two glass panels slide away from the outward corner of the cubicle to provide spacious access. It’s an attractive, functional design, particularly if traditional side access is a problem.

Merlyn’s Vivid Boost corner entry shower enclosure is the company’s budget model, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at it. It’s made up of quality parts and the doors close magnetically. Not to mention, it’s a rather slim looking design.

6. Mira Leap Bi-Fold Shower Doors

Mira Leap bifold door in a corner installation

Bi-fold shower doors are some of the most popular and affordable on the market. These split-door, inward-opening doors are a tried-and-tested, space-saving design.

All models are highly adjustable and can be made into a full enclosure with the inclusion of a fixed panel. Bi-folds are also made up of a frame within a frame, therefore the glass tends to be thin, between 4mm and 6mm.

Mira Leap Bi-Fold shower doors come with screwless installation, which means you or your fitter will have a quick time getting it ready for action. If you have extra space, you can extend the width of the door by adding the optional 400mm inline panel.

Mira’s CleanCoat glass coating, which is applied at the factory, makes this shower door easy to clean.

7. HSK Atelier Single-Door Pentangle Shower Enclosure

HSK Atelier pentangle shower

Pentangle showers, also known as neo-angled showers, look fantastic while saving space. Three front panels combine with a corner wall to form a five-sided enclosure. Large, hinged doors also provide a wide entrance.

Sizes & styles for all spaces. Prices from just £99.99
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HSK is the top brand when it comes to shower enclosures, and the company’s Atelier Single-Door Pentangle Shower Enclosure lives up to that reputation. Every bit of this product oozes quality.

The door can be made left-handed or right-handed, depending on personal preference and available space. The enclosure’s slim profile and 8mm glass will give your shower a modern appeal.

Time to get soapy!

Do you think your bathroom could use an upgrade with a glass shower enclosure? Want to know more about any showers for sale? Get in touch or click the link top right to view the full range.

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