Corner Shower Enclosure

The Style and Functional Benefits of Corner Shower Enclosures

Is there anything in the world that beats a long warm shower?

In my mind, there is a pretty short list …one that’s full of deserts!

But seriously now …

A shower is the best thing to wake you up on a cold early morning and the best thing to calm you down after a long hard day.

Sometimes, a nice shower is just what you need to reset everything back into its right place.

We’ve already told you how to get the best shower of your life. Now the question is: What type of shower enclosure would make the most sense for my bathroom?

We say, accept no substitutes. Corner shower enclosures are the way to go.

Let’s go through the advantages of corner shower enclosures and see what you have been missing out on all of this time.

They Look Incredible

Attractive Aquaglass+ frameless shower enclosure

Outside of showering underneath the perfectly portioned waterfall stream surrounded by a lush jungle, there really is no other more elegant option than a shower enclosure with big glass doors.

I mean, just look at how stylish they are?

Having a sleek shower unit in your bathroom will scream “look at how modern and sophisticated my home is” when your guests come to visit.

It will feel like you are having your own personal episode of Life Styles of the Rich and Famous anytime your buddy Carl comes over to hang out.

“Wow man, that shower looks like something you would see on a spaceship!”

“I know, Carl. It’s pretty cool, right?”

It also won’t hurt to have to use it yourself 365 days a year. Or better yet, 28,433 times in your lifetime.

Wait a minute … that means I have sung “Like a Prayer” by Madonna 20,000 times in the shower?

Give or take?

Think about how many hours you spend showering in your life!

You probably owe it to yourself to have a great looking shower that you can be excited to hop on every day.

By having your gorgeous shower enclosure tucked into the corner you can also focus on the beautification of the rest of your bathroom.

Which brings me to my next point…

Think of the Space You’ll Have!

Ella corner shower enclosure with inward sliding doors

For those of you with bathrooms the size of a small cupboard, this is probably a HUGE selling point for you.

We’ve all been there.

That time you shower in a bathroom with a laughably small space for you to towel off.

Slamming your wet body into the walls and door.

Sighing with defeat.

By installing corner shower enclosures into your home, you will be able to free up more space to take care of business inside and outside of the shower.

Just think of all of the crazy projects you could do with this new world of possibilities.

Your mind is probably running wild with ideas right now.

But be careful. By reducing the amount of clutter in your bathroom with these enclosures you will free up some more potential space to add clutter.

Remember why you are doing this in the first place!

Let your shower dictate how you layout the rest of your bathroom.

No More Mouldy Shower Curtains

Shower curtain hanging over a bath

So you have people coming over in twenty minutes and you’ve just scrambled to clean your entire house.

There’s just one thing.

You forgot to clean the shower!

It’s easy to go with the simple solution. Unfurl that rubber ducky themed shower curtain to prevent your guests from seeing whatever may be growing on your shower tiles.

Out of sight, out of mind!

But little do you know, that the shower bacteria that grows on your tiles is airborne and can creep up and live on your shower curtains.

That’s why your fresh white shower curtain can turn into a murky leopard print in a matter of months.

The slime knows no bounds!

But fear not! If you install corner shower enclosures you can keep your shower clean by being motivated by a sharp crippling sense of guilt.

“This shower WILL be clean!” you will proclaim to yourself … one month before your big dinner party.

And besides? What’s so wrong with that!

You will not long have the excuse of hiding what lurks behind (or on) that shower curtain.

Take pride in your awesome shower!

You have to use it more than anyone else.

A Dry Floor

Wet floor warning sign

How does all of that water get on the floor?

Puddles scattered feet away from your shower like they were strategically dropped by a helicopter looking to put out a forest fire.

Slipping and falling after taking your first step out of the shower is a nightmare scenario and largely the fault of flimsy shower curtains.

Hey shower curtain: Do your job and keep that water in the shower!

And while you’re at it, clean yourself up. You’re getting mouldy.

By having a corner enclosure you can lock in the condensation from your warm shower and also prevent the creation of death traps waiting for you after you are done. Still, some bathroom grab bars could help further.

Just think of the possibilities. It will mean less thing to constantly worry about.

As Paula Spencer Scott wrote for, the struggle is real. She lays out that the “ideal shower has a shatterproof glass door, rather than a curtain” in order to prevent any disastrous tumbles in the bathroom.

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There You Have it! We Have Told You the Benefits of Installing Corner Shower Enclosures

Now you can finally kiss that poor excuse for a shower curtain goodbye.

With a fashionable corner shower enclosure, you will have a brand new piece of mind and not be ashamed of the state of your home’s bathroom.

We could talk about these things all day long. So if you have any questions or thoughtful ideas on how to set up a great corner shower enclosure, feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below.

Cheers to having the beautiful shower you have always wanted!

And admit it, you owe it to yourself, take a look at the full enclosure range here.

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