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The Homeowner’s Guide to the Best Bath and Basin Taps

Is your bathroom looking a little drab? With spring in the air, many of us start looking around for ways to refresh things, and the bathroom is often in need of some new life. One of the easiest ways to refresh your bathroom is to replace the bath and basin taps.

Replacing the taps is a fairly easy job, but picking out new taps can be a challenge. What style do you need to get, what material should you pick, and should you go for a pillar or a waterfall basin tap?

Below are some tips that will help you decide what style you need for your new bath and basin taps.

Look at Tap Placement

The first factor you’ll need to consider when selecting bath and basin taps is the location of the tap and the number of holes it will require. This will help narrow down which style of tap you’ll need. There are two places taps can be located and up to three holes that may be needed.

Your tap may be located on the wall behind your basin or on the actual basin itself. If your tap is located on the wall, you’ll want to look for a tap that mounts to a vertical surface. If your tap is on the basin, you’ll need a tap that is meant to be mounted on horizontal surfaces.

One Hole Tap

Your basin may have one, two, or three holes in it to accommodate your tap fixtures. Taps with one hole are called monobloc taps. This means that both hot and cold water comes out of the same spout and you use a lever to control the temperature.

Monobloc taps make for a very sleek, modern look, so keep that in mind when selecting your style. It is also worth noting that not all plumbing designs in the UK can accommodate monobloc taps. Be sure to check that yours can before selecting your tap style.

Two Hole Taps

Your basin may also have two holes for taps. These are slightly more unusual and tend to give a more traditional feel to the room. Two hole taps have one tap for hot water and a separate for cold water, much like you might think of in Edwardian designs.

If you have a more traditional bathroom design, a two hole basin might be a good way to go. You can also split the difference with a two-hole tap and get a more modern fixture that has a mixer tap. This will have one tap out of which hot and cold water flow and a knob or lever to control the temperature.

Three Hole Taps

Three-hole basin taps are among the most common bathroom sink taps. These typically feature one mixer tap with knobs or levers on each side to control the flow of hot and cold water. They are also among the most versatile taps in terms of style.

Because three hole taps blend the best of both worlds in monobloc and pillar taps, the style can range from very traditional, with arched taps and glass knobs, to very modern, with sleek waterfall basin taps. If you are drilling your own holes for this project, you may want to plan on installing a three-hole tap.

Check on Water Pressure

Now that you know a little more about which type of tap you’re looking at, it’s time to get into the nitty-gritty details. One of the most important things you need to consider when picking bath and basin taps is water pressure. Different taps can handle different amounts of water pressure, so you want to be sure to pick a tap that can keep up.

If you pick a tap that is designed for less water pressure than your bathroom has, you can wind up with leaks and mold growth.

Likewise, while a tap that is designed for more water pressure than your bathroom has won’t cause such drastic problems, it can lead to inconsistency in water flow and air in the line. Be sure to check on your water pressure before making a decision, and pick a tap suited to your situation.

Pick Your Style

Now comes the fun part–picking the tap style! There are as many style taps as there are bathroom styles, and you want to get one that will suit your aesthetic. This being said, making a choice about your tap style can get a little overwhelming.

The main things you want to keep in mind when making this decision are lines of the tap and your preexisting bathroom fixtures.

Curvier, more ornate tap styles tend to look more traditional, while taps with straight lines, such as waterfall basin taps, lend a more modern feel. Look at your existing bathroom fixtures (towel rods and such) and pick a tap that complements the features on those fixtures.


Another major consideration in tap style is the material the tap is made of. Not only can this set the tone for your bathroom, it can actually also determine how long your fixture will last. For instance, solid brass fixtures will be more resistant to corrosion and therefore hold up longer than some other materials.

Of course, material color will also have a large impact on your bathroom’s style. If you have a more dramatic, opulent look in your bathroom, for instance, you may want to go for gold basin taps. A good rule of thumb with this is to match the material your other fixtures are made from.

Find Your New Bath and Basin Taps

Installing new bath and basin taps can breathe a whole new life into your bathroom. There are a plethora of choices available to you, but don’t worry. Keep in mind the specifications you need and the style you’re looking for and you’ll have the perfect new tap picked out.

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