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The Pros and Cons of Different Shower Types

Is it time to update the bathroom? You have a basic idea of what you want to do with the overall space, but when it comes to the shower, there are so many options.

Shower types are varied based on function, layout, and homeowner preference. Sometimes it can be hard to make up your mind when faced with so many choices. This post will help you make that decision.

Electric Shower Types

Triton T80Z Easy To Fit Electric Showers

No longer are people forced to heat up water manually before they can have a bath; thank goodness. Now, we have hot water at our fingertips. And the electric shower has hot water at the tip of your fingers even faster.

The pros of the electric shower are that it can be installed anywhere without the use of a conventional boiler system, it’s not as expensive to buy as some other shower types, and it provides hot water to multi-family homes without running out.

The cons of an electric shower are that it can be a little pricier to install than other showers and might have a weaker water flow than other types.

Look out for brand names like Grohe, Mira and Triton.

Mixer Showers

Scudo Shower Kit

These shower types are state of the art, designed for modern convenience and made specifically for your comfort.

The pros of a mixer shower are the fact that you no longer have to manually adjust hot and cold, it does it for you before running the perfectly adapted water through the shower head. It’s more powerful than the electric shower and user-friendly.

The only real con of this shower is that it doesn’t always work well with older combi boilers, meaning it limits the amount of hot water you can use.

Power Showers

The pro of the power showers is that it increases the water pressure with a pump that is built in, making the weak water flow a powerful stream in no time. This results in the most refreshing shower experience.

There are two cons for these shower types. The first con is that it isn’t compatible with combi boilers or pressurised systems. The second con is these showers are not very eco-friendly and can sometimes be a little expensive for the homeowner. Cheaper pumps can also be a little loud when running.

Digital Showers

These are definitely the showers of the future. Its compatibility with any water system is on the pro list, as is its thermostat controlled temperature for the perfect showering experience. The high price of the digital shower, higher than its counterparts, is what puts it on the con list.

All the Trimmings

Once you’ve chosen the shower of your dreams you’ll need to pick out the extra items to complete your purchase. What extras?

Shower rails will pull together the effects of any shower you choose, and they come in a variety of designs to choose from. Shower trays are the foundation of your shower. Do you want a square base? A rectangular walk-in? The choice is yours, and there are many.

Love Your Bathroom

The average person spends 92 days just going to the loo. That means with showers and other bathroom activities, they spend much more time in there. It should be in a bathroom they love.

The customisation of your shower and bathroom is our priority. Contact us and let us know how we can help you create your dream bathroom!

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