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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Put in A New Corner Shower

There’s nothing much better on earth better than a perfect shower.

Turning your bathroom into a personal spa, tailored to your desires, can bring luxury into your daily routine.

“Go stand in the corner” may have been a punishment back in school, but with a new corner shower, you’ll be begging for the chance to get there.

These designs are simple, efficient, and spectacular. They make the most of your bathroom space and allow homeowners to showcase their creative flair.

A shower placed in the corner of your bathroom also can be simple to install and increases the value of your home. What’s not to love?

Still thinking? We’ve put together a list of 10 reasons why you should put in a new corner shower.

Let’s find out why:

1. A Corner Shower Helps Save Space

One of the first reasons homeowners consider a corner shower is all the space it saves in bathroom design. The most efficient use of your bathroom space is typically a corner shower design.

Google has a tool you can use to begin playing with design ideas.

While you want to keep an eye on purpose and function while considering the best bargains you can get in your bathroom renovation, you’ll also be able to consider the possibilities.

Once you start, you’ll see this shower design brings more space and possibilities to your bathroom.

2. With More Space, You Can Have More Shower

Maybe you’re like us. Rather than saving space for other trivialities in your bathroom you only really want one thing:

More shower.

Too many homeowners begin considering a corner shower and a bathroom design and get caught up with saving space. They plan a tiny shower fit to the smallest space in their bathroom.

They cram the shower into the corner as an afterthought.

Whether going large or small, your new shower should showcase your creativity and design skills.

And rather than using all that other space for bathroom furniture or more mirrors, why not use every inch you can for a huge shower?

You’ll still be maximising space in your bathroom. And having more shower than you ever thought possible.

One of the best things about hitting a spa or hotel suites is the great shower. You’ll be able to bring that level of bathroom luxury to your home.

A larger shower can open up more design possibilities as well.

3. Ditch the Door: Doorless Shower

What better way to showcase your beautiful new shower than removing the door?

If you use all that extra space for a huge luxury shower you might consider ditching the door. We love the new doorless shower options available with a large corner shower, like the walk in designs here.

4. Ditch the Curtain Too

A corner shower gives you the perfect excuse to get rid of those old shower curtains.

5. Shape Up

A corner shower can help you remember your geometry.

We’re joking. Almost nobody loves geometry.

But too many people get stuck on one design idea when planning this shower design. There are different shapes to consider:

Don’t get stuck on old ideas. This shower design allows for different shapes and spacing.

6.  Get the Glass

Speaking of shapes, a shower in the corner lets us have more of one of our favorite bathroom design features: Glass.

A traditional shower set against a wall usually features a single flat plane. Unless it features one of those shower curtains we just threw away.

Choosing between different shapes lets your bathroom have different planes of glass. This sharp design style retains its value and remains a classic.

7. Classic Style

Once you install the perfect shower in the corner of your bathroom there’s other good news. You won’t have to update your design every few years.

The corner shower is timeless. This design retains value over time and looks great for years.

Timeless means you won’t need renovation down the road.

8. Simple to Install

Depending on your design, you can choose a customised or a standard corner shower kit.

This standard kit allows a fast renovation that can be easily completed in a day or two.

You’ll be enjoying your new shower in no time.

9. Increases the Value of Your Home

Since a corner shower is so easy to install it can be a great way to increase the value of your home.

Property guru Phil Spencer suggests a bathroom renovation as a simple way to increase the value of your home.

In his “Top 20 Ways To Add Value To Your Home,” Spencer calculates that 2.88 per cent is added onto home value through a simple bathroom renovation.

10. Easy to Enjoy

Your savings account won’t just thank you for that new corner shower. Your body will too.

Before you even think about selling you better step into that beautiful new shower and enjoy. With the great features, customisation, and space this shower design provides, you’ll love your time spent in your personal spa.

Outfitted with your favorite features, and customised to your overall bathroom design ideas, a shower in the corner is a design that will have you feeling rejuvenated every day.

Next Steps

Already eying the perfect corner in your bathroom for your new shower? We understand.

Before you can step into that brand new shower we have to get it outfitted perfectly for you.

Designing the perfect customised bathroom often means best utilising space through placing your shower in the corner. It’s efficient, beautiful, and luxurious.

Everything Bathroom loves helping our readers to design and maintain the bathrooms of their dreams.

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