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Different Types of Shower Doors and Why They’re Important

Looking to step up your shower doors to the next level?

Redesigning your shower can be a major upgrade to your home. Bathroom shower design is trending because it makes you feel like royalty every day in your own home.

Starting your day off with a little pampering in the shower is a great way to set yourself up for success.

Read on to discover a few of the most common types of shower doors available to you and the perks of each of them.

Bifold Doors

A bifold door is simply a split door design that opens up into the shower. It is one of the most popular and widely used types of shower doors.

Bifold doors are very versatile. They are affordable and they save quite a bit of space in the bathroom, which is what makes them such a popular choice.

They’re a great option because they don’t take up any room in the bathroom. They just open up into the shower then close back up again to seal out the water from escaping out into the bathroom.


The space saving Ultra Apex sliding shower door

Sliding doors, also called sliders, help to create lots of space if you have a limited amount of space for your shower opening.

Sliding doors are a very popular design for showers. They usually have one fixed panel and one sliding panel which runs on a track.

The sliding panel slides behind the fixed panel to grant access to the shower.

One of the major perks of a sliding door is that it doesn’t open out into the bathroom, taking up space. It allows for entry without taking up extra room in your bathroom.


Hinge door opening

A hinged door is one of the most popular, standard, and common types of shower doors. It works just like any typical door in your home.

There is a set of hinges from which the shower door swings out. It is commonly found on stand-alone shower stalls. Usually, the hinge is placed where two panels of the shower meet, but it can also be attached to a nearby wall profile or the rest of the shower.

One of the only downsides of a hinged door is that it takes up space in the bathroom because it has to swing out into the room to open.


Pivot doors are similar to hinged doors. They can swing wide, allowing the door to be pushed in or pulled out.

In a pivot door, the hinge is off set. This means that the door takes up less space in the bathroom when open. They are a cheap option and are very easy to maintain, as very little can go wrong.

Pivot doors make for cool design options because in some cases, they can even be mounted in the centre, creating a revolving door.

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