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Walk-in Shower Ideas for Your Next Bathroom Upgrade

Ready to refresh your bathroom? Looking to install a walk-in shower? You likely are in great need of ideas for the best ways to design your new shower!

In this article, we’ll provide some great walk-in shower ideas to get the most value out of your next bathroom renovation project.

By trying something that is super trendy but that you’re sure to love for a long time, you may never need to redo your bathroom again.

Read on for some of the best shower ideas on the market right now.

Seat in Shower

Lady with folding shower seat in shower

The seat in shower is one of the oldest shower trends out there — but also one of the best-loved. And for good reason!

Having a seat or sitting area in your shower is an extremely comfortable way to get your daily dose of hygiene. Being able to rest your legs while you let a warm shower steam away your problems is a great way to start — or end — your day.

Plus, this can be helpful as you grow older.

If you’re a woman, it may make it easier to shave your legs, since you have a place to rest.

Or, it may just be the perfect way for you to truly kick back and relax fully. Maybe you have a full reclining section instead of just a simple bench style seat.

Whatever your reason or style is, having a seat in your shower is a great way to upgrade your normal shower routine.

In Ground Bath

You may have come across a bath and shower combo before. This arrangement saves space but is usually installed as a raised bath with a shower door built onto the side. Thus, it comes in a limited variety of arrangements.

Placing a bath and a shower in the same vicinity is a great way to keep the wet side of your bathroom all in one place.

However, what about trying something different — a bath that’s built into the ground rather than raised up and combined with a shower? It’s like having an in ground pool in your bathroom!

An in ground bath is a great way to enjoy and soak in some relaxation in a supremely luxurious way.

Doorless Shower

Incorporating your shower into your bathroom in a natural way can make your bathroom feel much more expansive. Opting for frameless shower doors and airy colors is a great way to do this.

But what if you want to really go all out and add a bit of luxury to your everyday shower experience?

Consider trying a doorless shower. How would that work? You’d have to have a wall of some sort that blocks the water from escaping into the rest of your bathroom.

Taking a luxurious shower like this can be refreshing and rejuvenating as you shower off and get ready to begin — or wind down — from your day.

Ready to Install a Walk-In Shower?

Now that you’ve read all about some of the best new walk-in shower ideas, it’s time to plan out the shower of your dreams!

We are here to provide product advice, reviews, and style tips. Feel free to browse our site if you still need more walk-in shower ideas.

You deserve to upgrade to the bathroom of your dreams!

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