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What Should You Expect with Glass Shower Door Installation

Sliding glass shower doors provide a classier, more elegant finish to everyone’s bathroom. They also save space, prevent water from spilling, and are easy to clean.

Once sliding glass shower doors are installed, they offer numerous benefits. But what about the installation process after you’ve ordered the doors? What should you expect?

Whether you are putting the doors in yourself or hiring someone else to do it for you, you need to be prepared. Read on to learn what you need to know about sliding glass shower door installation.

Measuring For Sliding Glass Shower Doors

You need to measure the shower opening in your bathroom at the top and bottom to ensure you are ordering the correct size doors.

Be sure there is a flat and level sill for the door’s bottom to sit on. If you are installing the doors yourself, label this spot with a pen or pencil.

The cut of your doors should be 1/16 of an inch, roughly 1.6 millimetres, shorter than the size of the shower opening to guarantee an easier installation.

Attaching the Frame

The door frame should be level and held in place by masking tape and the correct type of caulk. All screw holes should be marked.

Once that is done, the holes for the screws should be drilled and anchors should then be fitted into the holes. The anchors will more than likely be hit into place with a mallet.

The screws will be used to ensure the uprights are in position. Be sure that both channels of the door are firmly secure and that any and all tape has been removed.

Inserting Doors and Sealing

The sliding shower doors should glide on rollers. These rollers may come attached to the doors you ordered or they may have to be installed separately. Most these days are removable for easy cleaning of the shower door.

Rollers for the inside glass door should face inward towards the inside of the shower. Rollers for the outside door should face outward.

The inside door should be installed first and then the outer door. Be sure that both doors slide back and forth freely without any problems.

More caulk should be supplied to where the door frame and shower enclosure connect. The sealing caulk should be used both in the shower as well as outside of it. Clean away any excess sealant.

Whoever performs the installation should allow the caulk to dry. Once it has, the shower, with its new doors, can be used.

Expected Cost

If you have already purchased the shower doors, you can expect the labour cost of installation to potentially be anywhere from £75 to £200.

The total cost of the installation, including the price of the doors themselves, may range from £275 upwards depending on the quality and size of the sliding doors.

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Going Forward

A lot of factors need to be considered when installing sliding glass shower doors. Keep them in mind as you prepare for your installation.

How the doors improve the look and feel of your bathroom will make all of the effort worth it in the end.

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