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Hinged Shower Doors

Hinged shower doors are a popular tried and tested design that lots of our customers choose. They comprise either a long barrel-shaped hinge or two clasp-like hinges that hold the glass to the frame. Just like the room doors throughout your home.

The door opens fully into your bathroom so this design suits larger spaces or those people who want a shower door akin to your traditional front door design. The design also provides a larger entrance width even on smaller-sized shower doors.

Talking of size, hinged doors start at only 700mm wide going right up to 1200mm. That means there's a model to suit any bathroom, be it a small en-suite or your main family bathroom.

With only a few moving parts and minimal mechanics, more focus can be put into luxury details such as door hardware, easy clean and thicker door glass. All models are specified with toughened safety glass.

Nuie and Shield brands lead the way at the budget end of the market. They've designed great specifications, feature-packed hinge doors for a minimum outlay. At the luxury end where frameless designs are more common Twyford and Hudson Reed lead the way. They show real attention to detail with the quality of materials used in the construction of profiles and hinges.

You should partner a hinged door with one of our great quality square or rectangular shower trays.