Hudson Reed Black Frame Shower Screen 700-1400mm

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Crittall style black frame shower screens are totally on-trend at the moment featuring in all the upmarket lifestyle magazines. These examples from Hudson Reed are one of our best selling products and are perfect for a contemporary bathroom.

The black frame detail is actually printed within the glass. This keeps costs down and means no leaks. The effect is stunning.

Choose from a 1, 2 or 3 screen installation for small or large bathrooms in a corner or recess.

All glass is of the thick 8mm variety and comes with Hudson Reeds, Shower Shield treatment. So no more cleaning limescale.

As with most walk-in showers, this black framed design is offered with an optional flipper panel for deflecting water spray back into the shower. This is useful if you only have space for a smaller main screen. There is a permanently fixed option and a hinged option that you can adjust the angle on. Take your pick.

This product can be fitted on a tray or in a wetroom.


  • Height 1950mm
  • Overall height with support arm 2250mm
  • 8mm toughened safety glass
  • 25mm adjustment on all sizes
  • 1 Metre black wall support arm included
  • A 'T' Section is also included with all support bars for joining a 2-panel installation
  • Sizes available: 700, 760, 800, 900, 1000, 1100, 1200 & 1400mm
  • WRSF070 (700mm) WRSF076 (760mm) WRSF080 (800mm) WRSF090 (900mm) WRSF10 (1000mm) WRSF11 (1100mm) WRSF12 (1200mm) WRSF14 (1400mm) WRSF030H (300mm) WRSF025 (250mm)
  • Optional fixed or hinged return panel
  • 3000mm floor to ceiling post (WRSF006)
  • Two ceiling posts can be used to create a freestanding screen and not require a wall to secure the screen

WRSF070 700mm black frame screen datasheet (wrsf070-datasheet.pdf, 755 Kb) [Download]

WRSF076 760mm black frame screen datasheet (wrsf076-datasheet.pdf, 755 Kb) [Download]

WRSF080 800mm black frame screen datasheet (wrsf080-datasheet.pdf, 755 Kb) [Download]

WRSF090 900mm black frame screen datasheet (wrsf090-datasheet.pdf, 755 Kb) [Download]

WRSF10 1000mm black frame screen datasheet (wrsf10-datasheet.pdf, 755 Kb) [Download]

WRSF11 1100mm black frame screen datasheet (wrsf11-datasheet.pdf, 755 Kb) [Download]

WRSF12 1200mm black frame screen datasheet (wrsf12-datasheet.pdf, 755 Kb) [Download]

WRSF14 1400mm black frame screen datasheet (wrsf14-datasheet.pdf, 755 Kb) [Download]

WRSF025 250mm black frame flipper screen datasheet (wrsf025-datasheet.pdf, 755 Kb) [Download]

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