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Shower Baths

If you don't have the space a shower bath combo is the perfect alternative to a dedicated shower enclosure. You can still enjoy a long soak when you have the time or enjoy the convenience of a quick shower before the daily commute.

Shower baths tend to be oversized at one end for room whilst showering. This space is often described as p-shaped, b-shaped, j-shaped or square. This will also affect the shape of the shower bath screen, many are curved whilst some are straight and incorporate a deflector panel. Our baths with shower screens all come as a full kit. They include the bath, shower screen and side panel and most offer an optional end panel that not all installations require

There are also options on the thickness of the acrylic or build construction of the bath. If the showering aspect will only be occasional then a thinner acrylic will be fine. For a more robust space that will get lots of use or for heavier users choose a thicker construction.

Thermal jackets are also an option on some models, these keep your water warmer for longer.