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Folding Shower Seats

Comfort and safety are essential elements in bathroom design. We offer a range of easy to install and comfortable to use products including wall mounted folding shower seats. These provide a stable and attractive solution for safe showering.

A wall hung shower seat can enhance the bathing experience, promoting confidence and reassurance in use. For those with reduced mobility they provide a safe and stable seating option for showering. For those who may experience levels of unsteadiness or just want to take the weight off their feet they are inherently safe and easy to use.

Folding shower seats are compact in design and simply fold away neatly so other users can also shower in comfort without compromising on space.

We offer products ticking the form and function boxes, designed around easy clean surfaces that are perfect for walk in shower enclosures. These include special slatted seats by Mira and Hudson Reed designed to allow water and soap residues to drain away safely and comfortably.

All our wall mounted shower seats are tough and robust, hygenically made from moulded plastic and will give years of service when installed correctly onto a load bearing wall.