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Slate Shower Trays

The luxury organic look of slate shower trays may cost a little more than the common place white products available but the benefits are clear to see. Especially so if you want a departure from the more clinical look that a standard shower tray offers.

One of the main benefits of slate effect shower trays is that the unique textured base creates a non slip surface. It manages that without looking like an accessibility product. The result is a safe showering experience for the young, elderly and everyone in between. A perfect addition to a family bathroom.

Our range is available in numerous shapes including rectangular, square as well as quadrant shower trays. That means there’s an option to match all shower enclosures. Despite the slate effect all models have a stone resin construction that will stand the test of time.

The slate effect aesthetic, particularly on darker finishes like the grey or black models, will blend right in with a modern bathroom. For purists some models are also available in a white finish.