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Sliding Shower Doors

Spacious sliding showers for corner or alcove spaces

Sliding shower doors are a popular design thanks to their flexibility in size, coupled with space-saving credentials. On most models, a single glass panel is mounted on rollers and slides behind the other fixed screen meaning there’s no outward opening into the bathroom.

We have options for most space requirements with doors from 1000-1700mm in size and side panel options from 700-1000mm.

Brands like Premier also offer double sliding shower doors to create even more accessible shower spaces. These are perfect if you require a dry area or if you want to help the kids or a loved one shower.

Many sliding shower screens are purchased for an alcove or recess space but most manufacturers also offer compatible side panels to make into a full shower enclosure for a corner installation. This is true of all but 2 of the models we offer.

For the ultimate luxury choose a frameless sliding shower door inspired by European contemporary design. The Shield S8 and Aquaglass Glide feature large exposed designer rollers, cut-out glass as well as the availability of mirrored side panels. The sliding doors on these high-end models glide smoothly and silently.

More recently black sliding shower doors like the Aquaglass Onyx have been introduced to our online catalog. These are perfect for creating a more contemporary-looking bathroom.

If you want something simpler and cheaper check out the perfectly capable Shield VI, which even comes with easy clean glass.

Please note that all of our sliding shower doors incorporate toughened safety glass as standard.

Buying Advice

We always recommend purchasing the largest shower door possible for the space you have. This will result in a more comfortable showering experience. However, this should not be at the expense of fitting in other important bathroom hardware.

For sliding doors consider the following;

  • Measure the length and width of the space available. Remember most shower doors and side panels can also adjust down by 20-50mm
  • Measure the height of your ceiling, can you fit it in? Leave at least a 100-200mm gap for condensation to escape
  • Though some options are merely cosmetic, thicker glass will result in a more solidly built cabinet that looks and feels more robust
  • For occasional use, it’s fine to choose a budget option but if this is for your main washing space we recommend choosing the best model you can afford, as components will be better made and stand up to more regular use
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