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Walk In Showers

Beautiful & Accessible Walk In Showers

Walk In shower enclosures are to the shower world what a long soak is to those who love a long bath. In fact many people are swapping baths in favour of a walk in shower since they look great, offer better accessibility and result in an amazing showering experience.

The design generally incorporates 1,2 or 3 glass screens with little or no moving parts to go wrong. Panels are available for installation in a wet room setting or mounting onto a shower tray from as small as 500mm.

Many matching walk in shower trays incorporate a drying area so water never has to leave the space.

SEUK have models for all bathrooms that will fit in a corner location, in a recessed space between 3 walls or even on a single wall.

Walk In Shower Enclosures Buying Advice


Walk in showers tend to be on the larger side with a decent-sized showering area. Before purchasing ensure you measure up correctly.

It's not just a case of fitting the screen and tray in but making sure it will still be comfortable to use other sanitaryware such as a basin or toilet that might be close by. If you're replacing a bath, like for like in size, the process should be easier.

Don't forget to check the height you have available. Walk-in screens start at 1850mm and can go above 2000mm. On top of a raised tray installation, the overall height could be 2160mm. Measure twice.

Number Of Screens

You can create a walk in shower with one, two or three screens. A single-screen will be good for a recess or alcove. With a corner, you can suit yourself but a side or end panel means less chance of a wet bathroom floor.

Flipper panels are proving very popular at the moment. Some are fixed while others can rotate to either extend a main screen or create a dogleg to deflect water back into the shower.

Glass Thickness

Showers are available in various thicknesses of glass. These include 6mm, 8mm and 10mm. Understand that thicker glass is generally more expensive and also heavier. The weight can make it more difficult for you to handle and for a fitter to install, the results are however stunning.

Type Of Glass

Glass is available in various finishes such as clear, tinted and frosted. You can choose based on the type of look you want to create. Frosted, mirrored and tinted finishes can offer a degree of privacy.

All screens are manufactured from toughened safety glass.

Dedicated Walk-In or Rectangle Tray

Walk In shower screens make use of a rectangular shower trays or dedicated walk in. Walk-in options usually incorporate a slightly raised drying area with channels to drain water. These offer slip resistance and are particularly useful for elderly persons.